Who for president donald trump (yes) or hillary clinton (no)

Asked by: kitloin
  • Hillary is a criminal

    Career liar and possibly a murder. HIllary is everything that is wrong with politics. Her email snafu actually put lives at risk. Easy to understand why most Americans don't trust that lying hag. Trump isn't really a Conservative, but he would be much better than HRC. Hell, anyone would be better than her.

  • Rather Trump, than Hillary.

    Hillary has already lied plenty in order to get what she wants, but this time it has backfired on her, its the "Clinton Way."

    Rather have Trump than Hillary, he shares his thoughts openly, and completely disregardful others opinion, not sure if this is a good thing or not, in my opinion.

    Either way, if I had a vote, neither.

  • A new approach.

    In the past, I always leaned toward democrat. Not that I was one of the extreme left but that they agreed with more of my opinions than the republicans.
    What I like about Trump is that he is not the typical politically correct candidate that fears he will loose support if he upsets a few people on either side of the room.

  • I hate Hilary.

    Lesser of two evils. I'd rather have Trump as at least he's honest with his policies and doesn't mess around with his points. Hilary would create some sort of fascist state and free speech (What they would call hate speech) would end up banned, If Hilary got in 1984 would actually become a reality.

  • Imho donald trump

    Hillary already has so much penaltys agenst her that she should be in jail
    So i choose donald trump but i want to see what you guys think
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  • Hillary is a crook

    If you don't know what Hillary has done, the frauds, the scandals, the fact that she helped create ISIS, the fact that she wants to go to war with Russia, then you are a sheep to the mainstream media and you obviously can't think for yourself because the corporate media and the establishment are always spoon feeding you propaganda. Do some research, I bet that if you really research all of Hillary's scandals as opposed to Trumps, you will find that Hillary is the real bad guy.

  • She doesnt belong

    How did we get to this? What is wrong with us? Considering Hillary for president? She should have been in jail long ago, she's commited crimes that would be life sentences for any other person, and who knows what else she's done that we don't know of. Between the two major candidates, Trump is better, he is no politician and most likely not corrupt (I hope). And besides hillary has changed her opinions so many times, and the way l see it, she just does it for the votes.

  • Trump over Hillary.

    I don't really like either of them and I do not want either of them to be president, but at least I know what Donald Trump is and what he stands for and what he would do as president. I do not know these things about Hillary Clinton, she changes her opinions with the polls and she has done this so many times that I have no idea who she is and what she really wants to do as president, personally, that scares me way more than any stupid wall that Donald Trump would build.

  • Hilary is a rapist

    Hilary is racist, she hates white people. She wants Mexicans and terrorists to destroy America. She is old, shriveled, fat, extremely hideous, and has horrible gaseous bowel dysfunction that destroys solid steal plumbing. She is also a harpy, a witch, and a shrew. She eats rats for dinner. She has AIDS.

  • Lesser of Two Evils

    Honestly, I think our country is seriously screwed if either of them becomes president. But if I had to pick my poison, I would pick Hillary Clinton. She may be a liar, but at least she is not a complete and utter moron like Trump. Trump is so rich that he has lost all sense of reality, and we cannot have someone like that in the White House.

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Dragonfire0522 says2016-01-25T13:58:32.297
I can't vote... They are both horrible
Sciguy says2016-01-26T00:56:45.647
I'd rather they both be shot. I'd never miss either one of the shit lords!
Vertigo says2016-01-26T18:42:45.937
They are both god awful in my account, but if I had to pick my poison, Trump.
Atmas says2016-01-28T13:53:58.087
False Dichotomy, Bernie Sanders is the correct third option.
kitloin says2016-04-22T11:16:04.390
Id rather ted cruz than any