• Whos been doing her online?

    Someone here has been doing my daughter and I’m a very angry mom and I wanna know who it is so I can sue them In a federal court and I swear I will put your ass in jail for having sex with my daughter on the internet. DISGUSTING PERVERTS!

  • Ha ha, What a crybaby!

    This is Jamal teaming up with the joker for one time only. Look at that woman, It looks like someone stabbed her in the back! Ha ha ha! It looks like she’s overreacting to something small. What a sick dick! Anyway, Your daughter is safe and she wanted it to happen. You just need to accept adulthood and move on. Buy some dresses and glasses and be Mrs. Doubtfire. Ha ha, You are overreacting and I would advise you to shut the fridge up!

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