Who has a lower IQ -- neo-Nazis (yes) or rednecks (no)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • I think neo-Nazis are the biggest dropouts in school?

    They say stupid statements that would make Hitler roll his eyes. Rednecks at the least are just racist and arrgoant and ignorant rather than dumb. "Nazis were Nordicist"? Now that is a stupid statement if I've heard any. HahAHAHHAAHAHAHAH. I swear neo-Nazis are dumb as hell. They have low IQs.

  • I'm not sure how dumb neo-nazis are.

    The person to my left says they are dumb as h*** and they have low IQs.

    I grew up on a Christmas tree farm across the street from a cow farm. I believe I qualify as a "redneck". Some rednecks are very smart, others not so much... Outlookers may see us as dumb due to our perseverance and determination to make it day by day. We don't have as nice of stuff in part due to our limited capital and in part having to compete with corporate farmers who pay no taxes (desanto // kellogg).

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