Who is a better basketball player, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?

  • Kobe Bryant All Day

    Kobe has 5 Championship Rings! How many does Lebron have?!? Only 1 Ring!! Kobe has also been playing in the NBA longer, which means more experience. Over the last 14 years, Kobe has proved himself to be a consistently strong player, and has been an enormous asset to his team. While Lebron has played well for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, he hasn't been an asset for Miami the way he was for Cleveland.

  • Kobe is a better basketball player due to his stats.

    Kobe Bryant is a better basketball player because he is the leading point scorer for the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is a naturally gifted basketball player and exceeds all players before him. He is great at what he does and always dominates the court. Kobe is always on his A-game and never fails to amaze a crowd. In short Lebron James does not and can not compare to Kobe.

    Posted by: UnwrittenJim
  • Kobe Bryant is a better player than Lebron James because of his defense.

    Lebron James is a phenomenal athlete and has the potential to one day surpass Kobe Bryant in terms of greatness, but as it stands right now Kobe is the superior basketball player. Lebron is a bit more explosive and a slightly better finisher near the basket; but Kobe is a better jump shooter, so their offensive abilities are close. Kobe, however, is a much better defensive player than Lebron, so overall he is the better player.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • I started this topic so you can thank me later. Anyways, Kobe Bryant has proven himself as a much more valuable asset.

    Kobe Bryant helped Shaquille O' Neal out in three of those championships as an assistant. As he was still developing his skills, he had already made the All-Star starting line-up several times. He was one of the best coming out of high school and performed poorly in his 1st year. He slowly developed his skills and became one of the best shooting guards in the game by working hard and developing himself. He then led the Lakers to two championships with Pau Gasol as an assistant.

    LeBron James is an entirely different story. Though he went to a poor team, he was the best and was disputed to be even better than Michael Jordan. He then obtained Shaquille O' Neal as an assistant but though he came close several times, he never won a championship in Cleveland. He became frustrated and was willing to 'betray' his hometown and went to join in two of the best players in the NBA. With this, LeBron James won a championship with his partner and an assistant. This sent everyone running to keep up with the Big Three and put the NBA into an "arms" race. LeBron James has never personally led his team to a championship.

  • kobe

    Kobe all the way Kobe has been in the league longer and he has more rings and points. Not to mention LeBum is scared to be in the dunk competition which Kobe has won twice in his career. Kobe is the best shooter and he's smarter than Lebron. Kobe has been way more sucessful in the playoffs and LeBron had to win a title with the BIG Three dwarves.

  • Kobe by a mile.

    Kobe has way better defense and can shoot at very critical times. Lebron rarely does it and is one of the luckiest shooters in history. And Kobe has a terrible team this year, where Lebron has great teammates. Kobe can do everything Lebron can do, but Lebron can't do everything Kobe can do.

  • Kobe Bryant is clearly the better basketball player.

    Kobe Bryant has been in the league longer and is way more successful than buster Lebron James. Lebron James has no class and was all hype, he let his team down and doesn't have the same experience as Kobe does. Kobe comes from a team with many victories. Lebron James is just a money hungry fool who looks like a clown.

    Posted by: FriendlyEzra34
  • Kobe is better!

    KD named his OWN Signature move after KOBE. Jordan picked Kobe over Lebron. Kobe has five Rings ;)) .... and counting. Kobe is a better player overall. Kobe is already in fifth place in career points. Kobe leads in third place right in front of Lebron for PPG right now. Kobe in his prime would kill Lebron right now.

  • Kobe all the way

    Kobe has been in the league longer and he has more rings and points. Not to mention LeBum is scared to be in the dunk competition which Kobe has won twice in his career. Kobe is the best shooter and he's smarter than Lebron. Kobe has been way more sucessful in the playoffs and LeBron had to win a title with the BIG Three dwarves.

  • Kobe Bean Bryant

    Just look at the things that Kobe does compared to LeBron. The arsenal of moves that kobe has compared to lebron. Kobe's footwork is legendary, Lebron's isn't even close. The work Kobe puts in because of his size, he's not a freak of nature, he's not 6 foot 8" 260 pounds.

  • lebron james is better

    he is called "the king" for a reason. he has more signature moves. he is also more clutch than bryant. he gets lucky sometimes but most of the time its skill. he also knows all the fundamentals. kobe just shoots. lebron is doing better with d. wade than kobe could with anybody of his choice. kobe may have won more championships but now he isnt going any where. james has been in the finals the past 2 years and 1 of them was the mvp. james is more aggressive with the way he drives. then when you think he going to drive he pulls up a jumper. kobe doesnt have that aggressiveness. just because kobe plays for the lakers doesnt mean he is a better player. lebron james plays with heart. kobe plays for fame and is a big ball hog. hes the kind of player you didnt want to play with in school even if he is good because all he does is shoot. yeah he scoresmost of the lakers points but thats becuse he doesnt ever pas it. james scores most of the heats points and also gets it with over 10 assists. thats why james or " the king" is the best.

  • Lebron James is better than Kobe.

    Lebron has 3 Mvps and is going to get his fourth one. Kobe only has one and he's been in the league for how many years? Lebron James became the youngest player to score 20,000 points, he has the second best winning streak in the NBA with 27. He doesn't call out his team mates like Kobe does or quits in the final seconds of the game. Also Kobe is a ball hog, he's been one ever since he came to the NBA. Lastly Lebron took Cleveland to the finals with little help. Lebron James doesn't need to be a ball hog like Kobe to be great. Lebron makes his team mates better unlike Kobe.

  • Kobe is a ball hog, and selfish.

    Kobe is not like LeBron. LeBron isn't a ball hog. He knows when to pass. Kobe is clueless and doesn't know what to do when it comes to tie breaker. Threes are a waste when they don't go in. LeBron knows when to pass, like a special feeling. One word to explain Kobe is ball hog.

  • To comment on FriendlyEzra34

    LeBron has no class? Not True. He is a very humble human being, and yes his TV decision special was to raise money for charity. Kobe committed rape and settled in civil court. He also was completely selfish and kicked Shaq out of LA because he wanted to win a championship on his own which he wasn't able to accomplish. Who looks like a clown now. LeBron James was all hype? Oh, I guess 3 MVPs, 8 All-Star Teams, 4 all-defensive first teams, and Sports Illustrated all-decade first team before the age of 28 is just all hype. He never let Cleveland down, he carried that team the whole time he was there and they couldn't get any better. In case you didn't notice they had a great season after he left, just like Peyton and the Colts. LeBron doesn't have the same experiences, well they have both won Olympic Gold and an NBA Title, what other experience do you want? Kobe comes from a team with many victories, I guess the Cavs and Heat never won a lot of games then. Money Hungry? i guess taking a pay cut to try and win a championship is money hungry. It looks like your the clown for posting such an idiotic comment full of libel.

  • Lebron is too athletic

    Even though Kobe played longer he's old and Lebron can shoot, assist, rebound, and he is a better defender. Kobe is just a ball hog right now. In his prime Kobe was great but that was a long time ago. Plus if you get 2k14 it's all about Lebron. Lebron in 2k is 99 or 98 overall and Kobe is like a 92 or 93. Lastly Lebron is still young. I think Lebron will get better just watch.

  • Lebron's clearly better, anyone who disagrees is clueless

    After his second MVP award Lebron clearly established himself as the better player on both sides of the floor than Kobe ever was in his entire career. This past season we saw Lebron play much better basketball than anyone apart from Jordan in the history of the NBA. Kobe may have more rings but he had more all star teammates, now here we are with Lebron having all star teammates and championships are the end result. And yet against OKC, Lebron's finals series was much better than any of the final series Kobe ever took part in, and this year Lebron closed out the series much better than Kobe ever dreamed of doing, and unlike Kobe, Lebron actually played substantially well in game 7, in fact it was one of the all time best performances in a game 7.

    Even apart from that, Lebron's a much more efficient scorer, he's a better defender, obviously better at getting his teammates involved, better rebounder, and he's a much better decision maker. He knows when to not shoot, even if sometimes he should.

    Anyone who thinks Kobe's better doesn't have the slightest clue about basketball. And apparently 78% of the people who voted on this have no idea what they're talking about.

  • LeBron is much better

    In his prime, yes, Kobe was a pretty well-rounded basketball player, but that does not change the fact that LeBron now is considered the second greatest player of all time. Kobe may have racked up the points but he was very selfish. LeBron passes all the time. Kobe played terrible defense and in my opinion, if you can't defend you aren't any good at all. LeBron plays great defense all the time. People say Kobe is better because he has played in the NBA longer than LeBron. No duh hes going to have more rings and awards. When LeBron has played in the NBA as long as Kobe people will change there opinion that Kobe is better. LeBron is probably the biggest NBA player that can handle the ball better than some point guards. LeBron can play at any position. Can Kobe? LeBron has also taken the Heat to two straight championships and got MVP both times. Nobody has better work ethic than LeBron, he plays to win. They don't call him the the king for nothing.

  • Lebron. Period.

    Compare LeBron's stats with M.J. when there the same age. You people don't know anything. Did you watch LeBron in the NBA finals? ALL business and was unstoppable throught the series. Kobe could maybe do that in a Quarter!!! Plus D Wade was struggling in the finals and bosh was hurt! LeBron took the awful clevland cavs to an NBA finals by HIMSELF!!!! yes they got swept but the guy made it to the finals by himself!!! the cavs lose lebron and there the worst team in the nba. Kobe has always had people around him to make himself look better. Kobe can shoot. Thats it. Kobe is king of the 4th quarter ill give him that and he is more clutch than lebron. lebron is a better athlete and overall basketball player. Lebron has played all 5 positions in an NBA game wel.. kobe hasnt. LeBron will win more rings making him the best along with MJ. kobe can be next best.

  • Lebron is better

    LeBron is a better basketball player than Kobe Bryant.
    Keep in mind that i say 'better basketball player' not 'better scorer', although i still believe LeBron surpasses Kobe in that category as well. But LeBron is just on another level than Kobe, even on a comparison of their primes, and not over all career.
    Everyone's argument always begins with 'Kobe has 5 rings, LBJ has 1'. Fair enough, but last time i checked that was a TEAM accomplishment and that's not we are debating. But on to personal achievement; Kobe scored 81 points? WOW! Oh wait, it was against the Raptors and he took 46 shots. The raptors aren't and weren't exactly a good team. LeBron scored a 52 point Triple-Double against the New York Knicks somewhere near the same time taking 13 less shots. In my opinion, and surely in most basketball fans opinion, a 52 point triple double is much more difficult than scoring 81 points, especially on an NBA level with inferior defense, and superior scoring ability. A triple double alone is extremely difficult to achieve and requires all around basketball skills. And was against a much better team.

  • LeBron is better overall

    People can say what they want but Kobe can't do anything as well as LeBron aside from score. LeBron is more unselfish, a better defender, passer, and makes teammates better. Kobe has LED a team to only 2 championships, same as LeBron and trust me when I tell you that King James is just getting started.

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T17:09:49.803
Lebron James is better than Kobe. After Kobe threw Shaq underneath the bus, they won 34 games and then 42 games. After Gasol came they won 58 games.... Kobe is a high volume scorer, Lebron makes everyones better. Lebron is more effiecient, and doesn't have to have the ball in his hands all the time.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T15:44:52.737
Lebron too greedy
Loserboi says2013-07-18T09:49:04.653
Lebron James is a better basketball player. Throw away all accolades and statistics, Lebron James is probably the greatest basketball player to step on a court. Think about it like this, is there a position LeBron James hasn't played? LeBron James has basically been referenced as being the most athletically gifted basketball player who ever lived. He guards the best player on every team, he can guard any position, he can score from any where on the court. He has developed a jumper, he can drive left and right, and basically he is near impossible to guard one on one. LeBron is so big, strong and fast he is basically a mismatch for any player. His ball vision is that of an elite point guard, he can attack the rim, HE CAN EVEN PLAY IN THE POST. In terms of PURE TALENT for the sport Lebron is the greatest player ever. Let's be real here, the guy is a night in, night out triple-double threat. Scoring, rebounding, passing, and defending is all at the highest level and can be matched up competitively with the best the league has to offer. Kobe can score, an excellent defender, and he is an EXCELLENT basketball player, but really? LeBron can literally do everything humanly possible on a basketball court, and he does it at the highest level in each category.
Anonymous says2013-07-24T07:34:35.167
Lebron is the best! Kobe's put to rest. Rings don't don't define there's others with more rings than Kobe so are they
the best because of rings? This 2013 stop holding on to past stats like rings that don't measure the God of Gods,
lord of lords, and still the reigning king of kings Lebron James haters!!!
Get some young man since Kobe and were high tops sneakers. Smh
Anonymous says2013-07-24T07:37:17.607
How is he greedy when he took pay cuts to build a championship team?