Who is a better politician: Obama (yes) or Putin (no)?

Asked by: Artur
  • Barack Obama is a Democratic Leader and Putin is a wannabe Soviet Dictator

    Vladimir Putin is a former soviet agent and politician who is still stuck in that way of thinking. He is anti-American and is consistently opposing "Allied" operations such as liberating Ukraine. A country being anti-American is nothing new, but in his case it is just ridiculous and is just a result of him being unable to adapt to a post-Cold War era world. He even suggested that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst thing that has ever happened. He probably isn't trying to bring the Soviet Union back but he does tend to operate Russia as if it still were still Soviet. His laws are so incredibly conservative it borders onto Fascism such as his anti-Gay laws.

    Barack Obama, on the other hand, is a democratic leader who is a strong believer in democracy and opposes oppression. I don't think Obama would be a dictator even if it were offered to him (as opposed to what the GOP might think). Obama has introduced laws that are Liberal; the exact opposite of Conservatism and, therefore, Fascism. Obama has passed economic reforms that lifted the United States out of economic recession that he inherited from Bush. Obama has introduced good immigration policies that were, unfortunately, turned down by the Conservatives, but promises to introduced new policies that may get passed.

  • Putin is a strong politician.

    As a Canadian-Ukrainian/Canadian-Russian I love Putin. Not so much now as before, but he still does stand up for Russia. He stands up for justice, and questions the United States and NATO a lot about their actions which is why Putin is hated by the West. He improved Russian lives IMMENSELY after Yeltsin screwed the nation in the 1990s. Increasing the economic, military, political, social, and technological life of Russia and Russians is simply what he is famous for. He stopped Oligarchs in their tracks in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but still corruptions lurks in the Russian government.

    However, his recent election seen lots of movement to authoritative rule, and most controversially is the anti-gay law in which he strongly agrees on. I do not agree with him on this, but I do still think Putin is far better than Obama.

  • Putin is trustworthy

    He protects his people, unlike Obama. Obama oppress the American people by giving free gifts (phone, food stamps and other benefits), and letting strive for themselves. America is the land of opportunity, not free stuff. Also Obama is taking our freedom of speech, religious, liberties. Yes, Putin is an authoritarian, but least he doesn't lie to his people.

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