Who is a better post player: Kareem Abdul Jabbar (yes) or Hakeem Olajuwon (no)?

  • He is Better

    He is one of the best posts to ever live, maybe even the best. There is no argument that he is better than some guy that I have never heard of. Obviously Jabbar has left a bigger impact on the NBA. Olajuwon was good, but nothing like Jabbar. He was unreal.

  • Career vs Skill?

    You could certainly say Kareem had the better career. More regular season MVP's, more championships, played 2 more seasons. Points per game regular season Kareem is 2.8 higher, rebounds both the same, assists Kareem .9 apg higher, steals Hakeem .8 spg higher, blocks Hakeem .5 bpg higher. Playoffs Hakeem 1.6 ppg higher, Hakeem .7 rbg higher, assists both the same, Hakeem .7 spg higher, Hakeem .9 bpg higher. Kareem had much better teammates throughout his career than Hakeem. Hakeem carried his team many seasons and playoff runs otherwise there would have been no success on those teams without him. He led his team in 4 and in some cases 5 different statistical categories during regular season and playoffs, because he had to in order for his team to have any success. Hakeem was the better all around player, dominant on both ends of the floor and especially much better in defense. Hakeem better skilled, did more with less help, Kareem longer career and more championships but put Hakeem in place of Kareem on those teams and Hakeem wins many more championships. Kareem could not carry those teams the as much as Hakeem did on both ends of the floor so I don't believe you could replace Kareem on Hakeem's teams and expect as much overall team success.

  • Hakeem's peak was slightly better than Kareem's when considering the era and the opponents they beat.

    Hakeem was a better post player, a stronger finisher, an infinitely better defender, and he won titles without other superstars. Kareem's only title where he was the alpha was with the Bucks, because with the Lakers Magic was clearly the alpha from 80 to 88 (he won the first title without Kareem, and won the last two despite Kareem already three levels beyond washed up). Meanwhile, Hakeem beat Kareem (soundly) in 86, then went on and kicked Ewing's, Robinson's, and Shaq's asses in 94 and 95....Without a Magic Johnson or any other superstar. So go figure.

    The only thing Kareem has on Hakeem was longevity...But at their absolute peaks it was no contest. The Dream all the way.

  • Hakeem is the dream.

    All of you uneducated fans may say obviously Kareem is better being the NBA's all-time scorer, but if you take the time to look at the film and see the pure skill and unimaginable foot work of Olajuwon you wouldn't even doubt it. Both are very physically gifted players in their pro career Kareem clearly had better point guards to play along side with. Kareem had "The Big O" Oscar Robertson, and Magic. While Hakeem wasn't running with chumps, he has Kenny "The Jet" Smith, and Sam Cassel. But come on there isn't an argument there. Final closing argument is who do the stars of today go work out with when they wanna improve their post game? Kobe, LeBron, Howard, and countless others.

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