• Obama is a better speaker but not better president

    Although I like Trumps policies as a whole his image is ruined when he talks. He is not very motivational like Obama and is seen as immature because of the dumb stuff he says of twitter. Yes Obama was way better at speaking because unfortunatly Trump just comes off as crude and evil despite the effectiveness of some of his policies.

  • I don't think that badly of Trump, but it's totally Obama.

    I don't even like Obama all that much, and I think Trump was the best candidate in this last year's election(definitely not the best possible choice, but in the 2016 election, he seemed to have better policies than others). But I can't vote for Trump in this poll. It's Obama for sure, whether you like Trump or not, because as Trump has an interesting approach to speaking, he was trying to make sure the average voter actually knew what he was talking about most of the time, instead of speaking like Obama does, where not everything he says is clear, yet how he words things can be great, even if you disagree with him. Obama has a great public speaking ability, and Trump does too, but, Obama uses his to pass an agenda of a party, and Trump uses his to pass HIS agenda. So, Obama having been a politician for many years, has the obvious upper hand here.

  • Without doubt it's Obama

    Trump has this very strange way of speaking. He does it in quite a sassy way. Which is a bit odd given he is a man who likes to display his masculinity, as we know from some of his locker-room quotes. He also does very sassy hand movements. That is nowhere near as eloquent as Obama who comes across more natural and in sync with his personality.

  • Barack Obama is a more eloquent speaker

    Barack Obama comes across as thoughtful and intelligent when he is speaking publicly. Donald Trump comes across as combative, and his positions on many topics are questionable. One can argue that as a career politician Barack Obama has an advantage over Donald Trump in this regard. We cannot forget, however, that Mr. Trump is an entertainer and he has spent many years, as well, perfecting his public speaking.

  • Obama by far

    There is no question that Barack Obama is eloquent, well-spoken, and carefully chooses his words. Trump on the other hand, mixes up his words, shouts when he gets upset, and puts together sentences that make absolutely no sense. Maybe Trump could get better if he could get hold of his temper and not get so flustered.

  • Barack Obama is a more eloquent speaker.

    Let's face it, Trump has no class once he starts rambling, bringing in things like Nazi, Germany and fake news because he has no talent for statemanship. He is going to need to listen to his advisers and forget about his boardroom hysteria and reality TV gaffs. This is the real world and he is going to be exposed.

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