Who is better Ariana Grande or Little Mix( yes for Ariana and no for little mix)?

  • Ariana is better

    She listens to her fans and if they aren't happy with something she will try and please them whereas little mix have had many complaints about their outfits from fans and parents and ignore them and many parents find them bad role models and don't like their kids looking up to them

  • They work as a team

    They work together to make a song they don’t argue they are really successful they work as a team they don’t leave people out they make a pretty good team their songs are really good because They work as a team They don’t let people sing more than the other.

  • Little mix or Ariana Grande

    Yea I agree that Ariana grande has had some amazing hits and I love her but little mix are so much more famous and better singers. They have: won the x-factor; they have had 5 albums; 1 rewrite (someone wrote it and sung it then they sung it); and on musical. Ly so many people have done challenges from the women like me video. But other that that I love both these singers the same! 💖💖💖💖

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