Who is better: Bradley Wiggins (yes) or Mark Cavendish (no)?

  • Bradley Wiggins Won Tour de France

    Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, the first Briton to do so. Mark Cavendish came close, but Wiggins won the big race in addition to other major races. There haven't been too many great British cyclists in history, and Wiggins is probably the best ever because of his accomplishments. Hopefully, Wiggins is able to stay clean lest he turn into another Lance Armstrong.

  • Bradley Wiggins is better.

    Bradley Wiggins is better. It is really hard to choose but for cycling I would choose Bradley Wiggins. He is the best when it comes to cycling and watching him perform is amazing. He has the most incredible back flip on the course that anyone has seen in a long time.

  • Bradley Wiggins is better.

    Bradley Wiggins is better. I think that he is the best cyclist that we have seen in a very long time. The speeds and endurance that he is able to achieve is pretty amazing. There has not been a cyclist that can beat or be compared to him in a long time.

  • Wiggo is best.

    Bradley Wiggins is a more accomplished cyclist than Mark Cavendish, because he has more celebrity. Who people see and who they like is up to the fans. Who lives in sport is a matter of the opinions of the people who like sports. Bradley Wiggins is not the most accomplished biker ever, but he is very famous and has adoring fans.

  • Cavendish has more style.

    Mark Cavendish is a better athlete than Bradley Wiggins, because he has been faster. Cavendish specializes in more than one race discipline, which makes him more versatile. Cavendish has won gold in the world championships for his efforts. He has accomplished more in the sport and is therefore better than Bradley Wiggins.

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