• Superman, no Doubt

    The thing is, everyone knows that Superman is a fictional superhero. While he may have a moral message, or simply be entertainment, no one expects him to fly from the sky and save them.

    In contrast, far too many people actually think that Jesus is going to come to Earth and save them. It prevents people from actually taking responsibility.

  • Superman has better morality than the Bible demonstrates:

    Superman stories have a hero that actually does help people, Jesus has no evidence that he helped anybody ever. All Jesus ever did was to preach Buddhist/Confucian/Taoism philosophy to Jews, but there is no evidence for any miracles. Belief in Superman for children is also far healthier as they realize Superman is only a comic character and can thus grow out of belief in Superman, where for Jesus children are Mind Controlled (JWs & Mormons, Baptists, etc..) and BrainWashed (Indoctrinated) into belief which means they are stuck for life with the beliefs in their brain for life and such Conditioning also reduces their Intelligence, making them incapable of living like normal Intelligent human beings. Like Superman, Jesus should only be something children believe in and can grow out of as they develop intelligence.
    But Indoctrinated Jesus believers cannot ever become truly Intelligent, just listen to the rot they preach in public and on DDO and it is so obvious.

  • Superman is just a nicer guy.

    The Jesus of the bible doesn't really stand up to someone who was specifically designed to be the nicest, strongest, and best representative of human nature. Honestly, even batman would be a better person than Jesus considering the horrible actions Jesus, and God himself, oversaw throuhgout the bible. Nothing more needs to be said

  • Superman all the way.

    Superman is not selective with who he wants to save; you're in distress? Superman will save you. Superman does not care whether or not you like him.

    Jesus, on the other hand, requires you to love him more than you love your own family and you do not love him, he will send you to hell.

    The choice is pretty straightforward.

  • Superman is a better hero. Vote Yes for superman, No for Jesus

    Superman, has super strength, speed, hearing and laser eyes. All Jesus does is turn water into wine, and walk on water. Sure, theoretically Jesus is "all powerful" but, in his stories he basically does dickall for years then gets crucified. Superman has saved humanity countless times and seems more ambitious. For example, if superman hears about a problem with his hearing, boom he is there is a second to save the day. Whereas Jesus is supposedly hearing all prayers, but takes less action. In short, while Jesus may technically have more power, Superman has more ambition.

  • No Totally Jesus.

    Hes a zombie. He can infect us all and we live for ever, but HEs a reverse zombie, we have to eat him, not the other way around, cannibalism. He also works in mysterious ways, which is a great U2 song. Jesus does it in one book and you get it for free. Also Jesus is a chameleon and has chameleon powers, born in the middle east you would expect him to be black, or brown at the least, but in every church i go into, BAM, hes white.

  • Superman is just an imagination!

    First of all, superman who was created by caricaturist and also he is just imagination for kids. On the other hand, Jesus is a messenger of god who was tell truth for lives of people from god. However, sinners were not believe him and they were always blame him and then sinners were want to kill him but they were not achieve that due to the fact that god was take along Jesus from sinners' hands. Therefore, they have changed the bible for their wants. For this reason, god has created a new prophet who name is Muhammad and and new holy book which name is Koran. And this situation will carry on for ever. I mean this comparison is not logical. You should be aware of realities.

  • Who will protect you after death?

    People may say that" Superman, has super strength, speed, hearing and laser eyes. All Jesus does is turn water into wine, and walk on water." It's quite humorous if someone who knew the bible reads that. It's true that superman may be able to save the day, however, people die every minuet, so would superman have to work endlessly to fly around the world to reverse time so that death won't happen? That would be good, but eventually, if superman isnt immortal, he will grow old and die. What then? Jesus states over and over that "heaven" is there in the after life. So people will not have to worry about dying. At the most, superman could life to be a few hundred years old, but that is noting compared to eternity in heaven.

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