Who is better: Justin Bieber (yes) or One Direction (no)?

Asked by: masteralfie1
  • Belieb in Justin! <3

    Justin Bieber is truly an angel. He is the among the most charitable young celebrities. He has the voice of an angel, literally. He does make mistakes but that's a part of life and he learns from them. He inspires people and gives them a lesson to never give up and follow their dreams. He isn't a bad guy as people think. No matter what, Beliebers love him 'til eternity! Belieber for life!

  • Belieber for life.

    Justin Bieber has much more to offer to the music industry than One Direction. Not only is he a solo artist, but he has a lot of talent that was discovered. He was not made, he was found. He had the talent before he became famous, & I think he becomes much more talented as he gets older. One Direction, on the other hand. Is a boy band. Boy bands tend to come and go, until a new band comes out. Not saying that One Direction isn't talented, but I feel that Justin will stick around way longer and will always have music coming out.

  • One Direction for life

    One Direction is way better than Justin Bieber. They for sure are gentlemen instead of Bieber. They don't spit on their fans, or disrespect the public. It does not matter how they were formed, I think it matters on how they influence people today. One Direction has done so many great things the past years they've been together. Yes Justin has talent, but One Direction truly is better and should not be compared to him. They respect others and that's what matters in the world today.

  • New singers get better inspiration

    Justin Bieber's music videos tend to be portraying actors and not real people. One Direction's music seems more realistic and ture reality (One way or Another and One thing are examples of realistic music videos). Also, One Direction like to expose themselves by being who they are. Singers WANT to be One Direction. Songwriters use to write to Justin Bieber. Now they write for One Direction. Boys are jealous of One Direction because they charm the girls with dance moves, but the question is Can you sing? Can you dance? One Direction get better inspiration because they are new. Most likely Justin will lose his inspiration and write bad songs. I mean Really? Someone should cal the Reality Check police because hello... THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO INFLUENCE YOUR FANS. Even though One Direction didn't do good as solo acts and came third in The X Facto, that gives them a chance to get better and better. One Direction got almost every Teen Choice Award for being so great. They even got BRIT awards (BRIT awards are a British music award). Just because Justin was found doesn't mean he was awesome. No one knew who Justin Bieber was until now, but people knew who One Direction is because of X Factor. Being formed in a band means you get to know each other. So 1D gets the award for being the best band ever!

  • One direction is far more better than jb

    First of all one direction never said that they hate their fans. Justin called his fans as animals. 1d boys always tweet about their fans and to be kind to each other. Harry styles took a day off and gave pizzas to all homeless in LA. If all these is not enough, you better listen to all 1d songs.

  • One Direction, not for their looks.

    I believe One Direction is the better band. Now before you go saying "OMG JB IS BETTER BECAUSE HE'S PERFECT AND ISN'T GAY! :(" Here me out. Justin Bieber was a pretty good kid. But now, he all about drugs, and being all around rude. Yes, he was a very nice, sweet, young man when he was a kid on YouTube. But now he is doing drugs, peeing on pictures, puking on fans, and waving his crotch in the air.

    One Direction isn't perfect, one of the members, Zayn Malik, smokes. But none of them go peeing on fans and touching their crotches. Yes, they cuss, but in this world, who doesn't? They seem very grateful for their fans, and try to be as personal with their fans as possible. In their music, they don't sing about drugs, they sing about love, and how crazy and sad it can be. They do have some questionable lyrics, but not very many. Kids of all ages are able to listen to them and enjoy it. In their videos they don't show half-naked girls. They show themselves. Because they know that we feel more special that way. And lastly in their perfume, unlike Justin's which is shaped like a rose because it's pretty, they shaped it like a crown, because, as said by member Niall Horan "We shaped our perfume bottle like a royal crown because all of our fans are princesses." Now if that's not sweet, I honestly don't know what is.And about them being gay. Harry Styles admitted to being bi-sexual a while ago. And even if the rest of them were, what's so bad about that? They like the same gender? That's being judgmental. I know people think One Direction is just a boyband but to me, and a lot of others, they are life savers.

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