Who is better: Kobe Bryant (yes) or Michael Jordan (no)?

Asked by: joshsepencer
  • Kobe is better

    Man living legend BOi i feel like KOBE. Kobe goot robbed of mvps and thats bull. Kobe is the greatest scorer and he has mamba mentality 5 rings g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

  • Not a hard question at all.

    Michael Jordan is the best Player of all time, and this should be common knowledge. Now what does Jordan have that makes him better than the 20 year future hall of famer?
    Championships - Kobe has Five. Jordan Has 6. Kobe has Two Finals MVPS, Jordan has Six.
    Regular Season MVPs - Jordan had Five in 15 Season, Kobe had One in 20. Enough Said.
    You Could say Kobe was a much better scorer since he is 3rd all time for scoring and Jordan is only 4th, but again Jordan played 5 less season plus Jordan played in his 40s and Kobe stopped at 38.

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