• Letang is objectively better

    Subban has without question a boatload of talent, but he wastes it dropping to the ice like he's been shot any time somebody is remotely near him. For that reason, it's impossible to give him the edge over any equally talented player, he wastes his potential by flopping to get calls and looking like an absolute clown when he has all the raw talent to be a bigger factor than he is.

  • Assuming "agree" means Kris Letang

    I think Kris Letang is better than P K Subban because he has more experience first of all and second he has more accomplishments so far even though he is a little older. I mean to be an NHL hockey player means your main goal would be to win the Stanley Cup and Kris Letang has done that.

  • -4 plus minus for Letang is terrible for a top defenseman on a playoff team.

    Great defensemen on good teams should not have a minus rating. Both are great offensively but Subban is much stronger defensively. Lots of press on his giveaways but the advanced states rank him much higher than Letang. Playing in Montreal is very difficult and this season the goaltending has been awful and PKs stats are still strong.

  • Subban is better

    Subban is better because he is versatile. Plus, he is the best player on the best team in the east. He scores, hits, passes, and has a high hockey IQ. His size and intelligence make him the obvious winner in this matchup. Subban has brought the Canadiens from bottom half in the east to top 5 in the NHL in a short time period.

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