• Lebron sucks cause he is lebron

    He is a try hard that cry's to much no one likes him baby cry my j's are worth more than his life even kevin hart is better then him he looks like a guy with a geto hairline mj is way better but i am writing on lebrons side cause he sucks

  • LeBron is Today’s Champion

    LeBron James is still playing basketball. So in that sense,he is the better player. James has won two Championships, four MVP awards, two Olympic Gold Medals and has been Rookie of the Year. Jordan is a six time Champion, won nine MVP awards, won Olympic Gold twice, and was Rookie of the Year. Each has won many more awards. Each is rich and successful; each is envied and loved. Jordan is widely considered the best in history, but LeBron is playing. Who knows what he may yet do? Jordan is only an owner now.

  • More Rings Than LBJ

    Who is known as the greatest of all time? Who has won countless rings? MJ submitted his legacy and was known as being the best player in NBA history. Who was a underrated defender and could post you up, go on the drive and make clutch shots unlike LeBron. Also, he doesn't have a fat hairline and wears a headband. At least he stays original with the baldness. MJ greatest OF ALL TIME. I win. You lose.

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