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  • Who is Better

    Having listened to Nas's albums at an older age. . . I grew a lot of respect for him. I used to think Jay z was better. But right now, I can see that Nas was far superior in terms of rap, Lyrics, Delivery and story-telling.

    Jay z made more money commercially tho however, Nas is far superior

  • Jay z is lame

    Jay z? More like lame z! His songs are bad, Especially takeover. Nas is way better and ether is the greatest song ever made. He finally put lame, Wait no, J z in the dirt. Moral of story is that if u listen to lame z u should stop because he bad

  • Nas is Better

    He is one of, If not the best rapper ever. His lyricism, Flow and delivery are unmatched. I will say that Jay z has had more mainstream success and likely made more money. But in terms of talent/content. It's not even close. The only people I put up against Nas is Pac, Big, And Em.

  • Nas is the better Lyricist.

    When it comes down to the actual battle Nas murdered Jay Z. I personally feel like Nas is the better lyricist and has a better style and Flow. Gotta give Cred to Jay though as he's proven to stand the test of time...That could be due to the fact that Nas doesnt want to be a puppet.

  • Nas is goat

    Two words: illmatic and ether! Jay-z is the best rapper ever! But he's not the greatest MC. That title is reserved to the true gods of the art. The mount Rushmore of hip hop. That's Rakim, Tupac, BIG, and a course Nas! From classic albums to defeating jay in the greatest battle in hip hop, to constantly proving enemies and critics alike wrong with every successful album release. Nas lyricism proves he is the ultimate MC! The messages that Nas evokes with each offering is truly spellbinding .

  • Nas is originality at its best

    I personally believe Nas is and was better, purely in the sense that he was rapping about real life issues, while Jay-Z tended to rap about money and personal possessions alot (which 99% of rappers still do). Also, the music Nas made tended to be more original and didn't sound like anything else at that time

  • Nas Is Utter Brilliance

    Nas constantly rapped about real rap lyrics and continued that throughout his career while jay-z stopped that after a few albums and as nas disgraced jay-z on ether with a far better diss track then the takeover. Nas also doesn't copy other artists as much as other artists while jay-z has a tendency to do that and nas's style is a unique meaningful while jay-z has got cocky and ignorant over the years while nas keeps it true.

  • Ether is amazing

    Destroyed jay with ether.. Talkin about he embraces yall with napalm... Quick jabs all while being layed back. Another thing illmatic is the best album of all time... If you cant top the best then u cant challenge the best if arent better. Jayz is also a fake boi.. Never toted guns yet he talks about gins more than nas... Top that half of jays songs are about hoes and money now days,making him a fake rapper... Nas has always remained adamant when it comes to ideology... Doesnt care too much about materialism, doesnt support gangs. Etc etc

  • Nas was original

    Nas' flow is being utilized by every rapper to this day. Kanye even admitted in " Dark Fantasy" - "I'm just a young chi nigga with a Nas flow". His style, aura, wordplay was much more captivating than anything the game was exposed to at the time, unlike jay who's most of his early career was infamous for using others' work

  • Jay-Z has stood the test of time.

    To be quite honest, I'm not a fan of either. But it does seem that Jay-Z is far superior! His song 'Hard Knock Life' was released in 1998 when I was 18 years old. I was, an am, not a big follower of rap music but even I could tell it was a good and catchy tune. In the rap world, it is phenomenal to carry a career so far and for so long. He's been a popular and active musician for at least fifteen years, an old timer in that world. Since coupling with Beyonce Knowles, he has become one half of a huge power. The two of them are music royalty at this point, and neither will fall from favor any time soon.

  • Jay-z's success proves him to be the better rapper.

    Although Nas was popular years ago, Jay-Z was also popular during that time and has maintained his popularity throughout the years. His music is well liked and he tends to have some meaning to the songs he sings. He is one of the highest paid musicians and every year he seems to become more popular.

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