• Yes we can

    Obviously Obama. Bush caused a huge defecit in the economy, gave the country the gift of war, supported the big oil companies, the list is endless.
    Obama has created millions of jobs, and supported science and equality for all. He also campaigned endlessly for health care that would actually help people. This positive list is also endless.

  • Democrats Good, Republicans Bad.

    1)Invaded Iraq based entirely on lies.
    2)Sustained huge deficits without any good justification.
    3)Gave out huge tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefited the rich.
    4)Stood over the 8 years prior to a crash.

    1) Passed Obamacare giving people coverage for preexisting conditions and reducing the cost of healthcare.
    2) Ended the war in Iraq
    3) But most importantly is not a republican.

  • Obama is better

    He is actually focusing on the real problems of the country: Human rights, Race Equality, Gun Violence, Health Care, Education, Economy, Middle Class and the Poor, instead of wasting millions of dollars just to send thousands of Americans dying in unnecessary wars. Don't get me wrong, we need security,and respect of other countries, nevertheless there are other peaceful and humane ways of doing so. If only everyone in America could put their differences aside and work with him, the U.S would make huge progress.

  • Yes - still better

    I've been disappointed in Obama lately, mostly in his failure to reverse the erosion of civil rights. Still, the worst abuses occurred under Bush. The unnecessary Iraq war, withdrawal from one of the Arms treaties with Russia, anti-environmentalism, political cronyism, and let's not forget that NSA wire-tapping, indefinite detention and other police-state activities all started under Bush.

  • Both Suffer From Similar Problem ...

    Bush's leadership ability was overshadowed -- dare I say stifled -- by Cheney's Alpha personality. Therefore, I don't think we ever saw George W. Bush as a leader. We saw a guy who struggled with his father's shadow & his VP's zeal. At the least, it hampered his abilities as President.

    Obama has had his leadership stifled by a political party (GOP) who would rather see him fail than work with him for the good of the country. He has been shadowed by wars, debt, bailouts & recession that he inherited from Bush. And his ability to move the country forward was drastically affected by the do-nothing attitude of the 112th Congress (primarily the House).

    At this point, it is unfair to judge who is better. Why? Both men have not finished their tenure. Bush's administration is over & historians are the ones left to judge. Obama still has over 3 years to serve. In that time, he could easily carve a legacy that will surpass Bush & others in greatness. Or ... It could go in the opposite direction.

    By circumstance, alone, Obama is best judged in comparison to someone like FDR or Reagan. George W. Bush walked into a stable environment as President ... With a good economy & no war. That automatically gives him a better playing-field than Obama. It gives him advantages that simply did not exist in January 2009. Because when Bush left office, America was in a much worse state -- economically, politically, etc.

    So, because Obama has 3+ years left ... Because he entered office under more difficult circumstances ... Because things are steadily improving ... I will give him the highest marks. But again, I stress ... Comparing the two now is an unfair comparison. Because, as I previously stated, both administrations are not over -- only 1.

  • Obama. Obama. Obama.

    Of course Obama has been the better president. Bush put the economy in a nose dive and got us into a pointless war, blaming an entire corner of the world for the loss of American lives. Obama has got us out of that war, repealed don't ask don't tell, passed the affordable care act allowing for more affordable less overpriced health care. He has pushed for more gender and marriage equality, and, I could probably go on and on about this.

  • Presidents are meaningless

    However, they represent the power structure that is able to sway public opinion to allow certain actions. Bush brought NeoCons which were popular after 9-11, but wrong. They admit now they were woefully ignorant. Their concept of pre-emptive war was a horrible failure and actually made the Patriot Act a requirement.
    Presidents each bring in a group of people who are able to wrest some power from the long-term incumbents in our government, and are able to execute some military plans that the military has already decided it they want to do it or not. It's not so much that Bush decided to invade Iraq, but that the Neo-Cons and the military were happy to invade and make it a political maneuver. The military, under a different President, would have simply waged the war differently, more secretively. The military is charged with the defense of the country, and not to be a lackey to the guy in the White House.
    Obama has hardly done anything except put pressure on politicians to enact some laws that are intended to help execute the protection of our country, which were going on anyhow. After all, before the Patriot Act, law enforcement was doing everything people think the Patriots Act allows, they were just doing it with lots of paperwork.
    Obama is better than Bush because he moved us towards a more Socialized country, in terms of getting people to accept the idea of universal health care. If Obamacare sticks, he will have been a great President, much of the other stuff is out of his hands.
    Bush, while signing some laws, really did nothing but create the idea that Muslims are evil and did general fear mongering.
    The Presidency is a soap box, and one gets to make some issues more prominent in the American consciousness. The government pretty much runs as it will. Bush used his soapbox to whine about Muslims and "evil doers".
    Obama used his to make sure people have healthier lives.
    I'd say Obama is better.

  • Bush had better cards.

    Bush walked into office with a stable economy. And yet when he left we were in a war we didn't need to be in and in a recession we could have avoided. Obama walked into this mess. I will admit there are a few things that he did wrong, but things are now steadily improving and we finally got out of Iraq. Bush took good and turned into bad. Obama took bad and turned it into OK but getting better.

  • Obama is Bush Light.

    Honestly, I like comparing my presidents to beer. Obama is just Bush Light. Same brand, but there is clearly a lighter taste. Bush starts an unjust war (Hey, buddy, ever find those supposed 'WMDS' yet?) and Obama provides a more watered down flavor by continuing the war. Bush enacts the patriot act (Though, Biden was the one that proposed it in it's earliest forms), and Obama continues it. And in a nut shell, this is the cycle. Save for the drone strikes (Though lets be honest, if they were available back in bush's time, he'd totally jump right onto trying out those toys) Bush has basically done everything Obama did, but to a greater degree. Not a fan of Obama, but he did a few things right. Healthcare, gay marriage, and hey, though he might enjoy eavesdropping on your conversations and occasionally trying out his new toys, at least we got someone that seems (emphasize on seems) intelligent to represent us. I don't usually like my beer light. In fact, I usually don't buy mass produced beers at all. I buy mine local. But you know, Bush premium just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth, Sorry, I just can't keep that stuff down. So if I have to pick one bad brand over the other, I'll go with the one that has less of an after-taste. Obama is better, but that isn't saying he's meeting my standards. Undoubtedly better than bush, but the honest truth is there's no denying that it still tastes bad, and when it doesn't it might as well just be water.

  • The real question is...

    Better at what?
    Signing the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act into law: Bush
    Talking with a Texas accent: Bush
    Not apologizing for being American: Bush

    Basketball: Obama
    Smoking: Obama
    Spending money we don't have: Obama
    Blaming Bush years after he left office: Obama

    Though I'm no Bush fan, I would take a thousand George W. Bushes over one Obama. Obama is the only President that gives Woodrow Wilson a run for his money as the worst President in U.S. History.

  • One of the best Bush...

    Poll: Obama Now Viewed as Less Competent, More Dishonest Than Bush. Let's begin with some requisite caveats: Word clouds aren't necessarily the most precise form of polling, and the two leaders' shared characteristics weren't presented to respondents in a head-to-head format. Nevertheless, for a guy who was elected as a sophisticated, nuanced, long-awaited "lightworker" after the dark and unspeakable years of Bush, President Obama doesn't exactly stack up all that favorably against the predecessor he's blamed for virtually everything under the sun:

    Posted by: def
  • Obama hasn't done a thing!

    Other than go on vacations (more expensive that GW's so ya know - his motorcade itself is 3x the size of GW's), what has he done? Oh yes, he extended unemployment benefits, to give people more time to find the minimum-wage jobs he's created that they can't live on. Stock market DROPPED when he became President. The recession actually kicked in hardest when he took office. Obviously investors thought the economy would fail, and they were right. Everybody wants to blame Bush. GW didn't start a war; he faced it and took on people who attacked our country. GW said in his first address to Congress on it, that this was going to be a long war, this was going to be an expensive war, and we were going to lose lives. And he got a standing ovation, and approval from Congress. Congress is against Obama all the way, like on Obamacare - a more blatant way for the rich to get richer and the poor to die sooner than GW could ever have devised. GW is far from my favorite President:, but President: Obama is the worst ever. Actually, let's put them both in a ring with boxing gloves and elect the winner. Funny thing is, GW is shorter than Obama, since Obama is so busy hanging curtains. But I'd put my money on GW!

  • Bush is better.

    Bush started the war because of 9/11. Without the war we would have had many 9/11's by now, and thousands killed. HE DID NOT WANT THAT. Also, yes, Obama did clear out more jobs, but during this he had to unemploy people. I would just make more things to research about, more factories made, or just support people to start there own businesses .Bush started 1 war so there wouldnt be 5 more in the future. He got them when they were (and now are) weak.

  • Although both were terrible, Obama is worse.

    People need to understand that Bush has been gone for five years and that 2x more people have received government welfare ever since Obama came into office. Obama also influenced our society to be more dependent government and less responsible. It's sad to see how much society changed and how ignorant people are.

  • Bush Better, But not by much

    1) Medicare
    2)Sustained huge deficits
    3)Tax Cuts

    1) Passed Obamacare in a time of horrible economics
    2) Ended the war in Iraq, and also making horrible relations throughout the world

    Really I didn't like Bush, but would have him right now over Obama by 10x.

  • More Positive Resume

    We have seen Bush drive the country into the brink of economic collapse. However, he has done an overall better job with the truthful necessities of the country. Bush helped with the country in ways people didn't pay attention to. Bush's resume if he ever had one: Took longest vacation in presidential history, put the most taxes on poor in presidential history, started two illegal wars not paid for, used trickle-down economics to feed the rich. Gave highest pollution increase in presidential history. Obama's resume when he's done: Killed millions of people with drone strikes. Took credit for "killing" Bin Laden, funded Welfare and social security which killed the poor, secretly gave the rich lots of money, stole 17 trillion dollars from tax payers, funded the Obama administration's gun control, spent the most money on energy production, wasted 16 billion dollars on Wind Turbines, was the first president to get a lawsuit for energy plant, dug Americans deeper into trouble, caused sharp rise in pollution, caused sharp rise in illegal immigration, crime rate increase by 45%, 47% of Americans on Welfare, Government controls more than they should, billions of dollars wasted on defending Israel more than ourselves.

  • Less of two evils?

    Obama only added onto what Bush has done.

    Meaningless wars in the middle costing trillions of dollars.
    Help contribute to a massive debt that our great grandchild will feel.
    Signed the patriot act and the other one only added onto it.

    The point is that they were both two horrible presidents. At least Bush did not say sorry for being Amercian, and has the integrity to not snap back at people when it was the 'hip' thing to hate Bush.

    You never pick the lesser of two evils.

    Posted by: RO17
  • Bush was bad, Obama is worse

    Take everything bad about the Bush presidency and Obama does it, but worse.

    Instead of capturing terrorists like Bush did, Obama simply drones them and everyone in their neighborhood. Bush wasn't great with foreign leaders, but Obama has managed to totally melt down our relationships with Israel, Russia, and Egypt. Bush signed the Patriot Act into law, Obama has sicced the NSA on the whole country.

    And did Bush do anything that even compares to the abuses of power Obama indulged in by attacking political opponents with the IRS or stifling whistleblowers on Benghazi? I can't think of anything. Bush was a bad President, Obama may be the worst President we've ever had.

  • Bush was conservative, Obama is fascist

    Bush was a conservative, there was some good about that and some bad. Neocon military policy: bad. NCLB: good. Patriot Act: bad. Lower dividend tax rates: good.

    Obama is not a liberal and has done nothing good. He has only sought to expand the power of federal government and of his office. He only pursues policies which support an all-encompassing police state. There is no liberal help for citizens' rights, only fascist help for the rights of the state.

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1dustpelt says2013-08-10T20:17:50.613
They both suck. Obama = Bush on foreign policy