Who is better: the US Marines (yes) or the US Army (no)?

  • The few. The proud. Marines.

    The slogan here is like the question, while the answer has already been written. Comparing sides to see which is better or who is the best, does not matter to me. To me whoever joins the Military (any branch, any occupation within that branch) would be a brother or sister- even though brothers and sisters fight.

  • Everyone knows that the Marines are better than the Army.

    It has always been much harder to get into the Marines than
    it is to get into the Army. The Marines
    are who the Army calls upon when they come across a problem they can’t
    handle. This alone should tell everyone
    that the Marines are a lot better than the Army.

  • Bigger, Better, Stronger

    They are better equipped and their hand me downs go to the Marines. It has more men and more experienced solider and also offers a large variety of jobs while the marines are all riflemen first which gives them less technical training. The Army works with many government and military organization like in embassies and and cyber warfare centers while marine are only qualified to stand and guard the door.

  • Yes to Army

    The Army is mightier than the US Marines. The Army is stronger because of the warring expertise of fighting on the ground as well as the air. The Marines military warfare is fought mostly on the waters of which is not the major battlefield in regards to winning war efforts.

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