Who is more annoying Christians (Yes) or Atheists (No)

Asked by: YukiHayashi777
  • Christians are Idiots

    You use religion as a reason to kill animals and start wars. The bible is a hunk of paper written by a horde of sexist, cruel sheepherding sadists a looonnnggg time ago, yet you want to believe it because you want to be rewarded when you die. Well guess what? When you die, its over. There is nothing after you die. But you kill others for this? Sorry (not) that's annoying. (and a lot more)

  • NOTE: Never Base A Group By Its Extremists

    Living in the Southern United States, and being an open atheist on the Internet, I frequently hear Christians bashing me and telling me I'm going to hell, and all together using fear and aggression rather than logic to push their agenda. Do most atheists want religion to be wiped off the face of the planet? No. Do most Christians want their views to be taught as fact, be the foundation of this country, or push their agenda and their views? I would argue yes.

  • Both annoy me

    I would say Christians are defiantly more annoying. I have never had an atheist knocking on my door to get me to believe in no god. I am an agnostic and do not champion either side. I believe there may be some creator of sorts. I have never seen any proof that there is or isn't a god.

  • Christians because of the hatred they spead

    Atheists are not going around forbidding gay people from living their normal and every day life.

    I've never had Atheists coming up to my door telling me I'm going to hell if I don't join their religion.

    People spread this bullshit that religion is love, yeah tell that to ISIS and the countless crusades in the past, and then take a look at how religious people want to forbid LGBT from marrying or even existing.

  • Stop making stereotypes

    First off stop saying us atheist are angry at you god, were not we just simply dont believe in something that has 0 proof of being true...
    Also please dont keep asking us why we dont ave morals because we do, we just dont have the same morals as you....And in my opinion atheist dont really care if you support a religon or not unless you rub it in our faces saying if we dont believe were going to hell. You guys dont seem to have any proof of heaven or hell.

  • As annoying as your mother in law...

    I dropped Christianity when I ws 14 due to overhearing a few people trying to justify catholic molestation of children, but that wasn't the only reason. I wish more people were actually intelligent enough to not just choose to believe there's a giant cosmic zombie space wizard in the sky somewhere because their parents told them that. Being told im going to hell will not do anything. I don't care about what is said in the bible, so stop shoving it in my face. I don't care that you're "praying" for me. You think I care about your evening babbling?

  • Negro y azul

    I feel that anyone being extreme towards their belief could be annoying. Honestly I think most people in both parties are fine, but what made me think Christians are more annoying is how irrational they get at times. When they try to force people into believing in God and how they bash on others about how something is a sin. I respect their beliefs and I feel the extremists should accept others beliefs as well.

  • It depends on the people...

    Some christians are complete idiots. Christians always come up with a way to get us to believe in god. Or how jesus died for our sins. Or how gay is wrong because it said so in the bible. I don't think i've ever really met an atheist that's as annoying as an christian. As an atheist, i tend to not believe in a higher power and that christians constantly try to convert me because everyone should only believe in one god and everything. But everything the bible stands for is shit. Another thing that is shit is when people only pick certain things out of the bible to agree with. I don't know, though, maybe it's just me,

  • Christian coming knocking on doors and always telling atheist or other religion about their God. I never had an atheist do that.

    What really made me mad was when they told me to get baptised or else I'm going to go to hell after this life. Little did they know, I already have been. I was playing stupid. They try really hard to get to join their side and scare you with superstitious videos and texts from the bible. I was nice, I told them I have 5 mins to spare, they keep yapping and it took over 15 mins. I had no choice but to shut them out. Then they give me a bad look with their eye.... Ahhhh some people....

  • Atheist don't coming knocking on doors like Christians do.

    I mean, maybe they do, but I never seen a atheist knocking on my door talking about 'atheism' if that's a word.

    Everytime I say no thanks to a christian at my door, I always try to stop my from closing my door. I give them a chance to talk for 5 mins because I'm not interested but I'm trying to be nice. They take advantage and don't stop. So I have to shut them out, which makes me look rude but really I was being nice first.

  • Hard to say

    Atheists are everywhere on the internet belittling, mocking, ridiculing and hating on people for their belief in God. They go around saying they're reasonable, logical and scientific for being Atheists yet they always talk about religion why they think its bad and why they think you should to. They deem anybody who doesn't agree with them as indoctrinated, irrational, illogical, ignorant or brainwashed for no other reason than their religious beliefs. They always use evil things religious people have done 1000 years ago to justify why belief today is harmful, but get angry when communism or other Atheist dictators who oppressed religion have done gets mentioned.

    Christians always go around saying the Bible should be taught in schools, they tell people they're going to hell if they're gay or non Christian. They go around saying the earth is 6000 years old, they use religion to justify their bigotry and wars, they go door to door trying to convert people. I've seen Christians mock Islam, Buddhism and Pagan but get upset when Christianity gets made fun of or when someone says the Bible isn't true.

  • This is a stupid question but...

    I think that overall, for normal people that I meet every day, I find the atheists more annoying. Unless I am on the internet or near some extremists, I don't usually hear any christians telling people that their belief system is stupid and ridiculous. More commonly, everyday atheists are more annoying because they will insult other people's religions and then get offended if someone tries to tell them not to. A christian will typically just say that they are a christian who believes in God, and occasionally will invite someone to their church.

    Creationists aren't even as annoying as many athiests, because at least their closed-mindedness doesn't hurt anybody, whereas someone who says that it is ridiculous to have a religion does.

    Note that I have never said in this whether or not I am christian.

  • I'm annoyed by atheist right here on this site

    As a Christian, I see a great deal of hypocrisy closed mindedness and ignorance displayed by many atheist on this site. Not just that, atheist like to hurl insults at us Christians.

    Just look at the statements made by those defending atheists, the ‘yes’ side on this question. First off, Elentiya jumps right into the insults and says a bunch of accusations that baffle me.

    “Christians are Idiots You use religion as a reason to kill animals and start wars.” Do Christians kill animals more than any group in society? To me this sounds bazaar. This is actually the first time I’ve heard Christians accused of ‘killing animals.’

    But, I know about the other falsehood Elentiya spouted. The falsehood that religions, Christianity in particular, are the cause of most wars.

    The truth is that, according to the Encyclopedia of Wars, only 7% of all wars fought on Earth were purely because of religious reasons. But just some background knowledge of history or a little internet research would tell you that the claim is false. Yet I have to hear people like Elentya repeat this lie for several years now, when they could easily look up the facts.

    From my point of view as a Christian, that’s annoying. I keep having to correct this error and falsehood on this site.

    Then there’s a few other people over on that side pretty much putting up that argument that Christians try to tell people how to live or what to believe.

    Well here in Canada a couple of years ago, there was a group of atheist who took their local city council to court to have them barred from having any kind of prayers before council meetings.

    None of these atheist were part of the council, yet felt the need to have their views enforced upon that city council. And the left-wing, politically correct judges and court system in this country made it so?

    As a Christian who has had this argument with secularist in real life and online, it’s annoying to see the hypocrisy.

    In general, it’s true what another poster said on this side: “Atheist are hypocritical and cruel to Christians. They NEVER present ANY evidence a Christian cannot rebuke.”

    I will add that not only do atheist present weak arguments, but they often have escape routes. Like Hitchen’s Razor, which is simply a one sided point of view at the very least. But it’s an example of how atheist try to close their minds

    Atheist are so closed minded, they won’t even admit that atheism is a belief system

  • Atheist are hypocritical and cruel to Christians. They NEVER present ANY evidence a Christian cannot rebuke.

    They always call Christians stubborn and "not able to accept facts", but no matter how much evidence we give them, they never accept it. And Atheist NEVER give me any evidence, just opinions. And also, Atheism IS a religion. If you want to not believe in anything, you become agnostic.

  • Religious appologetics getting good people to do bad things.

    Atheists may appear dismissive because your arguments are old tired and debunked. It is Christians and other religions who have run out of arguments and did so decades ago. Christian attempts to integrate science into their arguments are equally debunked. Baffling with bulshit may work on the ill informed and easily impressed but I can spot it a mile off and that is what your pathetic idiots like,William lane Craig do. We shout at you cos there is not a single novel argument that is defendable. Give it up


  • Almost a tie

    I think both Atheists and Christians can be equally aggravating at times. However, the reasoning for choosing Atheists is because they do not have an obligation like Christians do to put their opinion out there. Before this post is harassed by why Atheists justify the importance of debating against religion, or more so for Science, hear me out. Christians have a religious text and a call from their god to spread what they learned about it to other groups of people, in order to get others in Heaven. They have taken on a divine obedience and care for others well being. This doesn't mean they do it well most of the time, nor is it the moral approach. However, Atheists don't have the fear Christians do about insuring a happy afterlife, because there is none. Obviously, Atheists want a rational society in which religion either destroys, or is irrelevant to a great human experience. It's not useless, but more annoying simply because they want people to know the truth. I'm not stating it's the truth, but to convince, because they view Christians as so annoying, they almost reflect how they feel about them onto them.

  • Self Righteous Circlejerk

    Just go to the atheist subreddit, R/atheism, And you'll see what I mean. Atheists just live in their own echochamber saying, "Christians are so stupid, And they reject science, Blah blah. " Every time I bring up a scientific argument for God, They shut down and can't refute anything, But say I'm wrong regardless. All you have to do is 30 minutes of research on quantum physics to find out that things aren't what they seem.

  • Athiests are so fucking annoying

    Athiests push their views on the World more so than Christians. They are so annoying in their constant need to spew their beliefs and volunteering their beliefs non provoked. It's one thing trying to convert a non believer but it's completely different when you start trying to convert a believer into a non believer. Athiests view believers as dumb and gullible. I believe athiests are annoying and judgemental.

  • Not All But the Ones I Know

    If you are an atheist I do not automatically think you are annoying, it is just that the ones I know are very opinionated. I have nothing against debating ideas, but the people I have encountered just want to prove me and my faith wrong.

    One example is a girl I knew in high school. I attended a Catholic private all-girls high school. We had theology classes every student had to take to graduate. You made the choice to attend this school because of the high quality of education and all-girls opportunity, the least you can do is respect that. She voiced her opinions all the time which I have nothing against, but every conversation was about something at our school she didn't agree with. There was never a point in time where she tired to understand how we felt. It annoyed most everybody even friends I had that were atheist, but weren't vocal about it.

  • Stop making us a fucking stereotype and well stop to you

    First off stop saying us atheist are angry at you god, were not we just simply dont believe in something that has 0 proof of being true...
    Also please dont keep asking us why we dont ave morals because we do, we just dont have the same morals as you....And in my opinion atheist dont really care if you support a relgion or not unless you rub it in our faces saying if we dont believe were going to hell. You guys dont seem to have any proof of heaven or hell.

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Forthelulz says2015-10-25T03:47:41.953
How about "Everyone involved is an idiot"? The atheists for trying to drag more people to Hell, and the otherwise well-adjusted people who are suckered into their obvious trolling. Meanwhile in Hell, "It says here you're an... Atheist. You must be feeling like an idiot right now."