Who is more foolish: the fool (yes) or the fool who follows the fool (no)?

Asked by: derjungefuchs
  • Tough call, but i think the fool is more foolish

    Due to the heightened ability of persuasion, the following of the fool is not worse, because , at least in American and/or visual culture, the fool has tools that are used to get the follower to follow. This means that the follower is more of a product of visual culture, and the original fool may be slightly, but still, more to blame.

  • Unquestioning of the leader or situation

    If the fool is very foolish, then their foolish leadership should be questioned.
    If you follow something without any level of critical/ self thinking, then you are simply like a sheep. Just following because you cannot see or understand the foolishness if your leader, and without using your own brain

  • The Follower is Foolish

    While a fool is indeed a fool, the one who follows the fool is without a doubt the greater fool. The follower does not use his or her own brain to understand that the fool is indeed a fool. Instead, the follower blindly follows the fool without regard to any sense of self worth.

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