Who is more important in a child's early childhood development: parents (yes) or teachers (no)?

  • Parents Set Early Standards

    Teachers are important in a child's upbringing, but parents are with children from the very first day they are born, and are the ones who inculcate the most basic personal and social skills to them. Parents teach children how to function as humans, as well as social creatures by being part of a family.

  • The parents are.

    The parents are more important in a child's early childhood development. They are there for the earliest and most developmental years, so it is important for them to behave properly. Teachers are very important too, but it's probably not even close. The parents are easily the most influential people they have.

  • Parents teach morals and life skills.

    Parents are more important in a child's early development years because they teach morals and what's right and wrong. Many life lessons and skills are also acquired from parent-child interactions. Children also get more individualized attention from parents, while teachers have several children to look after and to work with.

  • Yes, parents are more important in a child's early childhood development.

    I believe that parents are more important than teachers in a child's early childhood development. The parent spends all the time with the child until he or she is five years old and goes off to school. Even when children are in school parents are still more important because they are the role models, set up discipline, and give love and support to their children.

  • Teachers are important in a child's early development.

    We spend most of our lives at school. Teachers have a huge impact on students and they can affect the ways students learn. For example, If there is a fight in the classroom and the teacher fails to handle the situation, Then the child may think that it is okay to do so, As those students did not get and consequences so why should he/she?

  • The ideal is no longer the standard.

    While parents certainly should be the most important contributors to a child's development it is becoming a wide spread reality that many are no longer effective in this role, Largely leaving all facets of childhood development in the hands of Teachers and early childhood practitioners. Kemmis nailed our current state of affairs when stating "Educational practice is a form of power - a dynamic force both for social continuity and for social change which, Though shared with and constrained by others, Rests largely in the hands of teachers" (Kemmis in Carr, 1995, P. 1).

  • Teachers helps the child in upbringing

    As we are familiar with the greatest personality kabir. In the childhood days his real father and mother threw him outside their house and even separate him from their heart. His teacher has blessed him. So,he is considered as a greatest and universal writer. But his achievements should fire in earth

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