Who is more important to Americans: Kevin Garnett (yes) or Bill Clinton (no)?

  • Come on people think!

    Ok like 99 percent of the people i know don't give a rats ass about Bill Clinton. Let's be honest Bill Clinton is a liar and it's not hard to figure out. He committed perjury in the government, lied about it, got caught, and was impeached because of it. For those of you who don't believe that's right look it up it's true, he was impeached. Kevin Garnett actually worked like a dog to get to where he's at. He is an all star amongst all stars. One of the best centers of all time. I guarrentee that most if not all of you have any idea how hard you have to work to keep at the top of the NBA, because new guys keep coming in every year and you don't wanna get your ass replaced. So you work even harder as a result to stay at the top. The proof is in the pudding Americans want someone who will work their ass off to get to the top not someone who will lie and cheat to get to the top

  • Bill Clinton is.

    Bill Clinton is more important to Americans than Kevin Garnett is. Bill Clinton has done a ton of stuff for the American people, and he continues to do so. Kevin Garnett is only a basketball player, and only does a little bit of community work which pales in comparison to what Clinton does.

  • No, Bill Clinton is an icon.

    Bill Clinton is something of an anamoly because he suffered a kind of disgrace through scandal when he served as the president of the United States but still had the kind of politics and savvy and personality that people appreciated. They still do appreciate him and now he is a kind of icon and revered elder statesman.

  • Clinton and it's not close

    There is no question that Bill Clinton is more important to Americans then Garnett. Clinton was leader of our country as president and likely influence more people in a month than Kevin Garnett does in his lifetime. Garnett does have a role to play in the sports industry but is not comparable to Clinton.

  • I believe that Bill Clinton is more important to America than Kevin Garnett.

    I believe that Bill Clinton is more important to America
    than Kevin Garnett. Kevin Garnett hasn’t
    even made that much of an impact on America.
    If you were to take a survey of all Americans, far more would have heard
    of Bill Clinton. Presidents are
    automatically more important than everyone else.

  • Silly question, Clinton is.

    On top of being a former celtic, Kevin Garnett is just some basketball player. Sure he entertains people but he has never really done anything. Bill Clinton resided over a huge government surplus and enhanced many things that Americans now take for granted, while he was President of the US.

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