Who is more interested in obtaining your information: criminals (yes) or the government (no?)

  • I think criminal

    I think that a criminal would be more interested in getting your info, so that they could use it to take your identity and so that they could get your credit card and bank info so that they could take all of your money and spend it for their own good.

  • The government has your information already

    I believe that criminals a little bit more interested in obtaining your information. I say this because in reality, if the government wanted your information that bad, they would just take it. Your social security number is government generated so it is known whether you understand that or not. Nothing is private. Criminals on the other hand do not have the information so they would have interest in stealing you information than the government

  • The government is more interested than criminals in using your personal information.

    The government is way more interested than criminals in getting your personal information.Where criminals probably only want your financial information,the government wants to know every single piece of information about you.This could range from who you associate with to what books you read.This is really all an attempt to control your life.

  • The government is like a stalker.

    When criminals attempt to obtain my information, they're not interested in me long term. They just want the quick financial gain from my credit card information or what have you. The government collects my information so it can keep tabs on me, like an obsessive stalker. Thus, the government is more interested.

  • Probably The Government

    I believe the government is far more interested in obtaining my information than criminals. I've only be exposed to one case of a criminal getting some of my personal information and that involved the stealing of my Yahoo!Mail account password. The government on the other hand has gathered a lot more information about me.

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