Who is more old-fashioned in social values -- Northerners (yes) or Southerners (no)?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • This is a hard question, however I say Northerners

    Now, the main difference between the Midwest and Northeast is that in the Midwest they absolutely just hate tomboys and autistic folks altogether. Northeast is not like this at all.

    But when it comes to women, it's kinda like this: you won't find a woman on a Pennsylvania or Illinois farm doing what a woman on a Southern farm would do. If her husband is sick or broken down, she'll fight for him and literally fire bullets at criminals, or she'll drive a pick up truck and do all his errands for him sould he break down and get sick.

    I don't think Northern guys would approve of something like that lol

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Adam2isback says2014-11-01T18:14:34.800
A Southern girl would go Clarice Starling (and I mean julianne Moore's version of the character) on a freaking criminal should her sick husband be threatened. Southern gals are crazy as hell haha