Who is responsible for the destruction of the country: the government (yes) or the people (no)?

  • The people will only act if the governments is rubbish

    I would say the people would play a part, but the people are usually pushed by a rubbish or corrupt government, who practically destroyed the country already before the people act. Also the governments, destroy the country by going to war or interfering with other ones and that is something, that the people don't have power over. I suppose what the question you have to consider is what is 'the destruction of a country'?

  • The People Are

    The people are absolutely responsible for the destruction of the country. The people elected the officials into office in the first place, and every political career (no matter whose it may be) starts with the votes of the people. The people are the backbone of the American political process, since we use a democratic election system when it comes to the election of civil leaders. The only way the government could be blamed for the destruction of the country is if the men and women in Washington were appointed by those that held the position previously. Since we don't operate that way, fault always has, always will, and always should fall back on the people. It's the people's responsibility to be educated in political affairs, that way the people can make educated votes. Since people in America don't do that (collectively speaking, of course), then the people are electing leaders without an understanding of what they're all about. When those leaders screw up, we have to think about how they were even put in a situation where they screwed up. We have to start blaming ourselves so we can fix this mess.

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