Is the federal government responsible for the security of citizens?

  • It holds half of the responsibility, yes.

    The Federal government has a duty to secure the overall stability of the nation. In this day and age, it has been overstepping its charge and instead pushing into the realm of privacy violation. However, they are not to blame. Fault lames with the citizens who bow their heads and silently allow such treatment. The citizens of this country have dropped their end of the table and all the items there on are falling to the floor. We have a responsibility to stand up and speak our desires and needs. We have a responsibility to call out all the things we see wrong (such as the courts ruling that police are not obligated to 'serve and protect' anymore).

  • Yes, it is

    Yes, the federal government has a responsibility as part of its job to provide security for its citizens. That's why we have a military and local policemen; they are there to keep our country and our cities as well as the small towns of the country safe and secure from any threat or harm.

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  • The federal government is not responsible for the security of citizens.

    The government can not protect us all. It is up to the state to secure some type of protection for citizens. I think guns should be banned, and yes, I know that will anger many people. I know the shooter is the guilty one and the gun is only the object, but the state needs to regulate this problem. We should also be responsible for protecting ourselves through self defense classes.

  • No, each citizen is responsible for their own security

    While the federal government does have a place when it comes to national security, individual security is best left to the individual. Courts have repeatedly ruled that law enforcement has no obligation to help you protect yourself, thus the onus falls upon you to do the job. The federal government can and should do things that make you more safe, such as eliminating blowback, but they cannot be responsible for your safety. Take matters into your own hands and empower yourself.

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