Who is the best actress: Marian Rivera (yes) or Angel Locsin (no)?

  • Marian All The Way

    Although Angel Locsin has portrayed some of Filipino television's most memorable female roles, including super hero Darna, Marian Rivera is the superior actress by far. Marian's work has encompassed a wider variety of roles for which she has had to prepare herself. She also is much more believable in her roles.

  • She's a superstar

    She's a very good actress in different genres. Angel receives so many awards and recognize by different organizations here and in abroad. She always possesses a true quality of a world class Filipina who make Filipinos more even proud. So proud of you Angel Locsin. We love you so much.

  • Shes a constant box office hitter

    She has been named one of the 100 most influential women in twitter, has done a lot of consistent box office hits both in movie and television, has a lot of endorsement, has been in the industry for quite some time, a hit on both gma and abs cbn channels

  • Angel Locsin is better

    Angel Locsin is far better than Marian. You can see her successful tv shows, Movies, Endorsement and her awards till now. Marian is already left behind since 10 yrs ago. No more successful shows. Angel Locsin is still have many upcoming shows and movies. You can pair any actors to her but Marian she is already forgotten

  • Angel Locsin đź‘‘

    She is a very effective and efficient actress. Her versitility is everything plus her never ending beauty is undeniable. Millenials love her so much. The best actress of our generation. Marian Rivera is also a good actor but Angel's acting is way more amazing. Her delivery and expression is greater.

  • Angel is a Legend

    Actually, I didn't notice Angel's talent in acting until One More Try, where she won the Best Actress award--against the legendary Nora Aunor--and Four Sisters and a Wedding, where she won another Best Actress award with Bea Alonzo as Best Supporting Actress (or the other way around). Her roles in the movies mentioned above are very distinct, yet she played them to the fullest, proving her versatility. Then there came The Legal Wife. Her delivery of the line, "Akin lang asawa ko!" was so powerful that nobody would forget it. Angel is definitely better than Marian.

  • Angel Locsin Slays

    She has proven that she is the grandslam best actress of her generation. Receiving the Best Actress Award from different award-giving bodies. People call don't call her Primetime Queen of both GMA (past) and ABS-CBN for nothing because all her primetime show is top-rating and is the most-viewed shows in the country. She is a box-office star with her movies raking 100 Million pesos consistenly. Plus her movies are critically acclaimed and she is versatile actress. She excels in action and drama.

  • Angel Locsin is Better

    Fans have created a rivalry between Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin which both actresses claim to be false. They have worked together and gotten along well. I still think that Angel Locsin is a better actress overall, but I think that both young women do a good job in the cut throat industry. Both young women have asked their fans to "stop the hating."

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