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  • This is not a yes or no question,

    There are five emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. In a yes or no answer there are only two possible answers. If you were to only compare two of them (for example the main two characters, Joy and Sadness), then it would fall in the category of a yes or no question. This question is way too broad.

  • None of them

    I think that out of al the inside out emotions not one of them are the best. I think that Bing Bong is the best. Now I know what you`re thinking,Bing Bong isn`t an emotion,but I`d say he is kind of like the emotion 'Fun'. I think that because he always played with riley and they had fun together. I`m also so sad that he died at the end of the movie,but I hear that there is gonna be a second Inside Out movie and he`s coming back to life.

    Posted by: bvc

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