Who is the better overall talent: Tom Brady (yes) or Peyton Manning (no)?

  • Brady Has More Titles

    If the 2013-2014 NFL season has its way, two of the modern game's best quarterbacks will meet in the AFC Championship game in Denver when Tom Brady of the New England Patriots squares off against Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos. Brady is better since he has won more Super Bowls to this point. Both men are getting older and their careers are almost over.

  • Peyton Manning has better overall talent

    It is within my personal opinion that Peyton Manning has better overall talent than Tom Brady. A simple comparison with each player's stats will substantiate this claim. Peyton has better passing ability, more versatile skill set, and better leadership ability. Rookie players have told stories about being starstruck whenever Peyton Manning takes the field.

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rja7 says2013-08-23T14:05:45.257
I think it comes down to the numbers.Otherwise its just conjecture..And tom Brady clearly has the edge with the more important numbers...3 SB wins, single season touchdown record, more playoff wins, better touchdownd to int ratio...Just to name a few...Although I'm not actually looking the numbers up because I don't feel like it.I'm just assuming Brady is better in those areas..I'm clearly a Brady fan.