Who is the calculus king, Issac Newton or Gottfried Leibniz?

  • He is smart and cool

    He is smart and cool a lot smarter than you so if you say no you are probably really stupid LOL i have a phd in calculus from DNU and i worked at goldman sachs for 38 years as chief calculus advisor so i think i know a lot more about calculus than you IDIOT

  • Newton is the best

    Newton made many contributions to math and in a lot of areas of science. We might use some of Leibniz methods in calculus because it is more simple, But the man who did all the hard work connecting everything was Newton. Newton was the true math king of his time and was only beat by the quantum.

  • Newton is the real CALCULUS KING.

    Besides being known for gravity, Newton discovered Calculus, Although he never published it, Then Leibniz published it 10 years later and got the credit. Then is just started a whole fight in Europe on whos calculus was the best and the whole continent was divided. People were literally having math competitions to see whoś calculus was the best.

  • Charles fucking darwin

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  • Technically neither, But Leibniz did it better.

    Archimedes technically invented calculus, But a monk wrote over it. There were so many people who contributed to modern calculus that you can't say one person (other than the first to contribute, Archimedes) invented calculus. If you want to know who made better contributions, The answer is Leibniz. His version was more efficient. The British were far behind the rest of Europe in the field of math, And they used Newton's version due to national pride. The only reason people credit Newton more (and think Leibniz plagiarized) is Newton's smear campaign that unrighteous decimated Leibniz's career. Still, Neither really invented it, It was a lot of people, Starting with Archimedes.

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