• Who's the phony.....

    Who's the phony.....

    When this story of a White woman attempting to claim that she was a black came out we wondered if this white woman was just doing what minorities have been doing for a long time now of taking advantage of their racial identity to gain an advantage over other ethnic groups who didn't have government sanctioned preferences granted to them.
    This story has several different aspects to it besides the racial issue of this white woman claiming that she was a black woman there is also the issue of who, among all those involved, were the biggest phonies as it appears that everyone involved were phonies. The motivations of , Rachel Dolezal's white mother and father could be in question as to why they would choose to adopt black children instead of children of the same race as themselves. Could it be that these parents of Rachel Dolezal adopted black children, not out of love for these black children but as a way to convey a certain "politically correct," we're not bigoted, like some white folks, image, we're better people than they are.
    Then there is Rachel Dolezal's black adopted brother who has turned against his white sister because of her attempting to pass herself off as a black person and her phoniness in attempting to do that, Didn't this black adopted brother of of Rachel Dolezal accept the white identity of Rachel Dolezal 's parents and all the advantages that went with their ethnicity and position.
    Then the NAACP, with a little effort on their part could have discovered Rachel Dolezal's race if they really wanted to to know, but the NAACP most likely appreciated the irony of a white woman attempting to pass herself off as being a black person and attacking her own race and if the NAACP appeared to be phony in not calling her out as a phony so be it. There obviously was more than enough phoniness to go around for all involved to be indicted for being phonies.

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