• Jesus is the true God. It's kind of confusing to explain

    According to the bible there are three persons in one God (the father, The son and the holy spirit), Which baffles human comprehension. So it's not necessarily wrong to say that Jesus is god/ the son of God. There's nothing like "science is the true God" because before science there was God and before Science there were humans just living and God created them.

  • Jesus is the true God

    Jesus claims to be God. . . Also in the Old Testament it says that Jesus or the son of man will would be the arm of God, Meaning he will do what the I’m materialistic God can’t do, It’s still the same person but a part of this person who still has the same power but is actually able to die for us on the cross.

  • No no no

    The one and true god is Shrek. He has given everyone life. If you actually did your research and read the bible you would know the truth. I dislike all of these fake religious people who do not worship Shrek. They instead worship these untrue gods when shrek is getting his mallet ready to send them to hell. Please realize the one and only truth before it is too late!

  • There is no Biblical proof that Jesus is God.

    Throughout the Gospels, Only one time in the Book of John does it ever even hint at Jesus being God which is when Jesus says that God declares some people to be gods among men. Christianity was created by the Greeks and Romans who mocked their gods. They had no understanding of the Almighty Father and how He is something to be feared and not mocked. Matthew 5:17-20 should be enough to make anyone rethink Christianity. In fact, The Gospel of Matthew contradicts the Gospel of John in many different areas for any reasonable Bible reader. I stand by Matthew, But I understand that we all have our own beliefs.

  • No. Money is the one true God.

    The one thing that unites the whole of mankind and the one thing that we all desire and worship.
    And if Jesus was actually a real person, He certainly wouldn't be the bearded Western European looking bloke that is depicted here and in most Western versions of the Christian Bible.
    And if there was one true God, They would have been a God that represented the whole planet all at the same time and not a God that just represented the bit in the middle.
    And one thing that always amuses me, Is how pious Americans tend to despise swarthy Middle Easterners whilst at the same time proclaiming their devotion to a swarthy Middle Eastern God.
    A little bit Ironic maybe?

  • The true god is not jesus.

    There might not even be a true god. Nobody can prove or disprove the existence of god so the entire subject of god ought to be avoided like the plague. The reason for that is because all subjective matters are not important and are at all times below the objective matters.

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