Who is wiser: He who understands others (yes) or he who understands himself (no)?

Asked by: countzander
  • When it comes to a wiser Decision ...I would say...

    Understanding our own mind is one thing. Isn't this selfish to just think about one's own self?, with so much of indifference in our world. If the world was peaceful and less violent and if things were all in order, we could dedicate to understand the higher truth about our-selves. However it is not so in reality. It is most annoying when some one ignores or fails to understand you completely. So their voices has to be felt, and understood first before understanding ourselves.

  • To be able to understand others makes you more capable of understanding life.

    I do agree that people are naturally pathetic (empathetic) but not completely. It is very difficult for an average person to imagine the suffering or difficulty a person is going through without personally experiencing it.
    One of my favorite personal quotes that I feel I have made up is "everybody has a story". We all have specific events in our life that distinguish us from others. However an inability to appreciate another person's "story" in my opinion is why there is so much quarrel in the world.
    One good example I can give you is of a man we are all familiar with: Mohandas Gandhi. To familiarize himself with the struggles of the people of India he decided to take 3rd class traveling instead of 1st class in South Africa. Thus he was able to understand the struggles that Indian's went through to a greater extent than just by hearing their grievances.

  • Because understanding others is much more productive than understanding oneself

    Understanding others leads to several benefits such as what the action one needs to take in order to ensure that she gets maximum benefit (payoff). Axiomatically, a person is called wiser if he is able to maximize his payoff in a certain situation. In order to understand the exact situation, one needs to understand oneself and others, too. Albeit, understanding others leads to knowledge of the situation in a greater depth. Hence, understanding others is more important.

  • To be able to understand yourself may be the key to beginning to understand others

    In order to understand how others think, feel, function, and grow, I think we must first observe these traits in ourselves. You know all of your secrets, you know all of your fears, and you see all of yourself. There are parts you may like and parts you may not, and if you're being truly honest with yourself, you'll find that sorting these things out is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in life. Many people die without having ever learned enough about themselves. If you look at many of the people who have changed the world, while they may be tortured souls, they know who they are.
    That being said, perhaps in learning about others, we learn about ourselves as well. I believe this is a circular equation, but it starts with a basic understanding of who you are and your needs and wants.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • It is easy to blame others

    We people so easy to understand others and blame for our mistake should not check our part and correct best eg. Is easy to advice others but hard to do ourselves .We understand ourself the things occurred in our life correct he is the correct person than any great philosopher and writer.

  • We have more empathy

    We human beings can naturally empathise with others. Its relatively and comparatively easier than understanding self. Mind is a mysterious creature. Its most difficult to understand it. Our own qualities and capabilities, and the extent of our potential may be hidden from us. What we are not expecting of ourselves, generally shows itself in times of stress, anger, trauma and danger.

  • That is hardenst

    Understanding ourselves are the difficult thing. We can understand others when we are in same situation, but we can never know our true mind. Sometimes, we think that we should do this, but next day, we forget about it, or not want to do it. People that knows their own mind and makes good decision, and make it to real is the wisest person.

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