Who loves Jesus the most: Muslims (yes) or Christians (no)?

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  • Christians believe Jesus when he claims to be God, And follow his teachings.

    Muslims claim that Jesus was a prophet of Islam, Yet that would make him the most incompetent prophet in the world, Because that would mean that all his followers instantly apostatized after he died. This is incredibly blasphemous.

    1. Jesus claimed to be God (John 8:58).
    2. A prophet cannot lie
    3. Therefore, If Jesus is a prophet, He is God.
    4. If Jesus is not God, Then he is a false prophet.
    5. Mohammad claimed Jesus was a prophet
    6. Mohammad claimed Jesus was not God
    7. If Jesus is God, Mohammad is a false prophet because he lied
    8. If Jesus is Not God, Jesus is a false prophet
    9. If Jesus is a false prophet, Mohammad is a false prophet because he lied
    10. Therefore, Mohammad is a false prophet.

  • Christians love Jesus more because Muslims believe in Allah and believe Mohammad was the prophet from him

    While Christians believe That God rules and Jesus is the prophet and his teachings are from God. Muslims don't even believe that Jesus has any credible teachings. Just the other Day on MInecraft (My user is ILive4Jesus) someone told me to repent to Allah because saying ILive4Jesus is saying i don't follow Islam

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