• Does gender matter?

    Although our world is generally dominated by men, it does not mean that women do not have the same skills. Think about it: for decades, people were taught that men brought home the money and women did the house work. Multitudes of men gained experience and got to move up within companies. Today, we see more women entering the work force and being able to grow within companies. As a matter of fact, I am currently employed at a business where 4 out of the 5 managers are females. The highest three are females.

  • Men are better leaders

    A number of studies find that women and men share many more similarities than differences, both in cognitive functioning...And personality traits but global perceptions include the belief that the average woman posses fewer leadership traits than the typical man, and that women leaders are less task-oriented than leaders in general.
    In a series of studies, they showed that a woman who displayed high levels of competence at a stereo typically masculine-typed leadership role was considered more hostile by study participants, than a man with an equivalent position and level of leadership competence.

  • Neither of them.

    This isn't really a Yes or No question, but I'm saying that I'm not choosing in favor of either. There are certain soft skills that a leader needs to have depending on the job that are looking after. It depends on the person, not the genitalia. A woman can be just as great of a coach as a man can. Every single person has a special set of skills and those who have the best skills, ethics, and plans should be admitted to be the leader.

  • Men Are Better Leaders Naturally

    Men are naturally more capable of leading companies, countries, and even vast empires. There are few women in history that have been so competent in this field. The best empires always had men in charge. Rome, Greece, Britain, Spain, America, and ancient civilizations all had men in charge. Women are better at shopping, though.

  • I want to see hear your opinios

    I am doing a class project on who makes better group leaders women or men and would love to hear your opinions. I personally do not feel gender matters. This is on leaders in any situation and what opinions stories or facts you have to back your thoughts up please share respectfully, Thank you!!

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abyteofbrain says2014-05-12T16:50:18.043
Males were created leaders and women were created followers.