Who makes you feel safer: Obama (no) or Bush (yes)?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • Bush put the whole Middle East on the Run!

    Obama is letting the Middle East gain power! He is too slow in acting in defense. Nor taking any initiative to strengthening our stance. Bush struck fear in our foreign enemies. Obama struck negotiation opportunity in four foreign enemies. Bush server in our military. Obama did not. If Obama and Bush had a fist fight, Bush would win!

  • Absolutely, 100% Yes

    The Obama administration is a hilarious group of idiots who cannot seem to do anything without screwing up. Bush's administration on the other hand was a competent group of people (for the most part). Terror activity was severely diminished under the Bush administration and his hardline stance against American enemies will be remembered for a long time. I felt a little safer under Bush, not that it's easy to feel unsafe in America. The rash of terrorist activity and degradation of Middle Easter stability has really shocked me under Obama.

  • The Buck stops here.

    When the chief executive of our country has multiple, verifiable scandals occurring during his watch he is not allowed to claim that he is not responsible regardless of whether he had first hand knowledge of these events. While being the CIC (commander in chief) of our armed forces and state department operatives our CIC has no minute to minute recorded positive control of his armed forces while our ambassador and security detail are under a terrorist attack in a foreign country. Additionally his appointed cabinet secretary of state has shown herself to also be not in control of the safety of our own state department personnel.

  • Bush for the win!!!!

    I felt like this country was much safer and stronger under bush. No if's, and's or but's about it! Obama on the other hand pratically has derailed that strength with his policies to the point where he is an embarrassment to our enemies? Do I really need to say more????

  • Bush was a much better Commander in Chief!

    Obama always sides with Islamists. He refuses to call them terrorists until their murderous acts are so bad that he can no lnger deny what they are. He reduces our military, defends black thugs, puts radical Islamists in the White House and he and Eric Holder have set racism back about 30 years!

  • Bush the better leader and the better man

    I feel Obama doesn't have the experience or the courage to make a discussion to send troops to fight. Obama has lied about everything from Obamacare to Bosnia. Doing nothing and knowing everything about Bosnia and letting our people die because he doesn't have a backbone. Bush would have sent in troops and saved our people. The Obama peewee kids making troops stand down. All you need to do is listen to all the off mic talk that Obama has been caught saying to see he is a snake.

  • Obama isn't perfect, but he makes me feel safer

    I'm a Canadian and even I have an opinion on this. George Bush seriously scared the crap out of me, considering his intelligence and his morale. The only thing that was good about George Bush was his Bushisms (see my profile) and his comical stupidity. George Bush allowed people to get sent to other countries to get tortured and committed crimes against humanity. As a North American, Obama makes me feel safer, but he's not that good either. I'd rather have someone with a brain in their head rather than a brainless president.

  • Was George W. Bush the worst president ever? Http://theweek.Com/article/index/243205/was-george-w-bush-the-worst-president-ever

    President Bush got us into two wars that should never have happened (i.E., Iraq and Afghanistan). He couldn't even get Osama bin Laden. Safe? Who is kidding whom? He should have stopped 9-11 before it happened; but, he was too busy helping the wealthy with more tax breaks and bailing out his millionaire/billionaire friends in the banking industry. He took us to war to protect his family's oil interests in the Middle East and to help his family's Saudi friends.

    “Let's focus on the most glaring favor the Bush administration did for the Saudis. Right after the horrifying events of Sept. 11, when there were still restrictions on U.S. Airspace, the White House authorized the evacuation of at least 142 people, most of them Saudi. About two dozen were members of the Bin Laden family.

    He saved the wealthy over 10 trillion dollars in tax breaks while screwing the middle class and poor. He failed to even bring one of the 20 million outsourced jobs back to America, further screwing America's middle class and poor; but, the wealthy. His wars made the Harbinger Group Inc billions; He and VP Chaney had huge investments in Harbinger and made millions. The Bush's portraits should be taken from the White House and Burned. His father, G. H. Bush, invaded Cuba, (i.E., Bay of Pigs) to protect the Bush Family's Cuban offshore oil leases that they held through the Zapata Corporation. Bush was CIA director and destroyed all the paperwork or sealed it so the truth has never been told.

    “Harbinger Group Inc. (NYSE:HRG), Formerly Zapata Corporation, is a holding company based in New York, and originating from an oil company started by a group including the former United States president George H. W. Bush. Various writers have alleged links between the company and the United States Central Intelligence Agency. In 2009, it was renamed the Harbinger Group Inc. The company traces its origins to Zapata Oil, founded in 1953 by future-U.S. President George H. W. Bush, along with his business partners.

    Two Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) memoranda have been offered to show connections between the CIA and George H. W. Bush during his time at Zapata. Bush, in fact, did work directly with the anti-Castro Cuban groups in Miami before and after the Bay of Pigs invasion, using his company, Zapata Oil, as a corporate cover for his activities on behalf of the agency.”

    “Nearly 60 percent of the historians and political scientists in a 2006 Siena College survey rated Bush's presidency a failure and two-thirds said he did not have a realistic chance of improving his standing.”

    A 2010 Siena ranking of presidential scholars rated Bush as one of the nation's five worst presidents. A similar 2009 C-SPAN ranking put Bush in the bottom eight.

    The Bush Presidents went to battle and risked our soldiers’ lives not to protect America, but for the sole purpose of making them wealthier.

  • When I saw this topic I burst out laughing.

    I have no idea how Bush could make anybody safe. His entire presidency was Recession, War, War, and Torture. He launched us into a recession with his needless spending on the Iraq war because he thought they had weapons of mass destruction and when the UN was going to send a couple of investigators to find out whether or not they did have weapons of mass destruction, Bush just charged right in, wasting millions, killing a bunch of people, and creating a lot more Al-Qaeda. (The Al-Qaeda are fueled by hate of America's warmongerness and superiority (among other things) ) so when we charged into Iraq we proved to be the monsters the Al-Qaeda thought we were. His administration used illegal torture tactics, and apparently they were very good at it. Giving a warmonger like him the presidency and the might of America was a big mistake, one I hope we will never repeat.

  • Bush is a dimwit.

    There is nothing "safe" about a man with the IQ of shoe leather and a warmongering nature, who is delusional enough to think "god" supports his invasion of other countries on thin pretext, running the most advanced military in the world.
    Bush made me nervous- like having a toddler at the reigns.

  • Obama was better at protecting our country

    Guys think about, one of the reasons why Isis and other terrorists groups gained power is because Bush sent our troops in and made it chaotic there. Also, who started the recession, you know when millions of people lost there jobs. Bush did. Who cut taxes wich didnt give enough money for millitary attacks? Bush did. Who gave the other president the debt when is started to skyrocket? Bush did.

  • Bush was an idiot

    I didn't feel safe when Bush was President. Obama has been tougher on terrorism than Bush and Reagan. The only reason the world seems more violent now is because President Obama actually responds to these tragedies. I feel safe to know that there's someone in the White House fighting for me, the middle class. Bush had his Texas buddies in big oil and big business, he didn't want to help the poor. He just wanted more power and fame.

    Posted by: WSB

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CyberTechie says2013-05-27T23:14:30.410
Actions speak for themselves! When Bush was in office healthcare expenses where half of what Obama jacked them up to be. Gas prices where a buck n some change for nearly 85% of Bush's term. Gas prices have peak around four dollars under Obama's term. When Bush was in office, income tax returns yelled more at the the end of the year. Obama's new taxes have chopped down income tax returns for millions of Americans and sorely increased taxes. Bush stabilized our national security by kicking the crap out of terrorist. Obama put an end to our efforts of fighting, withdrew, and offered terrorist countries ways of negotiating. I tell you Obama has encouraged our foreign enemies to get bolder and stronger and Americans will more n likely face another attack or war very soon. So yes, Bush makes America safer than Obama!
BrooklynHaze says2013-05-28T15:11:17.513
Neither. They're one in the same.
CyberTechie says2013-05-29T00:36:11.090
One in the same? How can that be? Did you not read the clear differences I laid out in my first comment? With Bush we saw a huge increase in security and good overall rates in medical care and taxes. With Obama, we see a huge destruction of our national security and new taxes strangling our medical care and cost of living to death. So how can you say the same?
Bullish says2013-05-29T02:09:15.310
Both of them are b*****ds in my book. Safer? I don't really know.
CyberTechie says2013-05-31T04:37:54.033
This is not a question of who is more political because Obama wins by far on who's more political. But politics can never convince an addicted killer from murdering. Obama has canceled our missile shield in Europe, withdrew our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and is allowing the most fierce terrorist countries grow stronger and bolder. All of whom hate and want to kill as many Americans as much as they can. Seeing how they are growing much stronger an ignoring Obama for weakness, how much longer do you suspect it will be before they strike again? The Bush Administration put a serious stop to them, even to the point where North Korea surrendered nukes. Obama can't even get North Korea to surrender a single hostage, let alone their nukes. Obama's politics will never submit terrorist and will never protect America from their attacks.