Who ran Star Wars better, Lucasfilm (yes) Disney (no)

Asked by: TDUDDD
  • Disney has no originality

    George Lucas made his movie with no one believing it would be good. Sure he might have ripped of Valerian but he at least put some in effort in trying to make something new.
    He made an extended universe and tried to expand it. Some stuff like the Christmas special flopped but he took risks.

    Disney was made by a control freak who only created a mouse. He bought talented people and they used old folktales. Over and over again. A beautiful princess and her mother dead. She gets married in the end with a handsome man. Most Disney movies are that.

    They tried to expand from Disney princesses but they just stole other folktales. Then they bought Fox and Star wars and Marvel. (did they buy it by force? )

    We make new movies when you can buy smart talented people to pump out hits.

    And the movies have become dumber. The movies before took risks and did not play it safe.

  • Lucasfilm was the best.

    Disney is just taking from previous movies. There argument is that they did'tn have much ideas to work with, When they had the whole extended universe to make a movie based off but instead they got rid of the EU. Even the worst old EU book felt like it was trying to do something new. ” Star Wars feels small now, Which is a bummer since there’s an entire universe to get lost within.

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