Who should be in charge when if we colonize planets?

  • Colonization can only be a positive thing!

    Colonization is the only way for humanity to move away from a dying planet. Earth is dying and in a fast and unrecoverable pace. We have the technology to make a moon base or even begin colonization of the satellite; so we should! While colonization has had pretty bad effects in the past, There's no need to protest against exterminating or subjugating native populations because there are no native populations on the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Etc. Plus, It would provide Humanity with so many more resources! We wouldn't need to worry about running out of them on Earth. If we need more, We can always just colonize another planet. Plus, Overpopulation wouldn't be a problem. We have so many planets that can fit 5 to 10 billion people on them each, Maybe even more with larger planets. Colonization is the right step forward.

  • We should avoid colonization

    Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has a suitable atmosphere. And we don't have the technology to reach extrasolar planets in a short time period, Even if they had a breathable atmosphere. And on the chance we were to reach a habitable planet outside our solar system, If there was sentient life on that planet, Colonization would be morally wrong. History has shown the consequences of colonization; European settlers arriving in America between the 15th and 19th century found themselves competing with the indigenous population, And that competition turned to exterminating and/or subjugating the natives. We should focus our resources and energy into preserving Earth.

  • Waste of resources.

    Instead of using up our resources to colonize other planets, We should first create weapons of mass-destruction to establish a despot to rule the world. Then, We should make portals leading to the anime world which is FAR better than colonizing mere planets. After that, The next goal should be to determine who should be the king of the pirates and how to share the one piece and to also find a decent Hokage who is neither Boruto nor Sarada.

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