• Add all fnaf characters

    Guys imagine being able to say that you main Bonnie in Smash

    I'd cum so f***ing hard my trousers would burst

    I'd lick the dick cheese off of Foxy's hook after he circumsized my second daughter (trans rights)

    My first daughter was not the right race nothing against Asians but neither me nor my ex-wife are Asian so why is my baby half f***ing Korean

    Also my boy is dead

    He's dead

  • Nfbysbyahbifd eie ie

    Frrn gjnfj hwubb cvcejjw gfbwdkjfcfuwhefjncg kijsn ddkghnldkhgn jduhvnk dssh febghdj sgfkg dbkjfdgfnekd jdsuf hurij fdjcbxcxnmcdn cm
    snkmjfmdjnmsxjxnc m msnso sfsjfbdsj jekskokfjjndmkc koc. So to be honest i think they should add Meliodas and naruto into super smash bros.
    So yeah i thank you for my claim have a good day

  • Bendy and the Ink Machine

    Yes Bendy and the Ink Machine. I think Bendy should be a fighter. I've also got a few ideas on what his attacks would be. Example: his Final Smash could be he turns into beast bendy and slashes at people sending them to the studio where they all get assaulted.

  • They added wario, Why not waluigi?

    Araki quite literally added all the characters like mario: luigi, Mario, And wario. But why not waluigi? This fact has me shaking and crying right now, I can't believe it. I pray for waluigi to be in smash. I mean, Pretty much everyone wants him. So why not him next?

  • Not Waluigi as a playable character

    This is so sad, Can we get an f in the chat for this one boys? This is such terrible news, How could araki do this? He adds a plant but not Waluigi? Yet again, So so very sad. I'm literally crying because of this such completely horrid news right now.

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ShutUpMeg420 says2020-11-22T07:42:20.590
They need to add baby chica

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