Who should we help Palestinian ( Yes) or help Israel?

Asked by: Sylverbrain
  • Killing should not be option.

    Every nation can find reason to kill other nation people.Does not matter they are jihadist or jew. Many childeren death in Palestine i dont say they are not guilty because i dont know deatil . I say even if you are right you cannot kill inocent people ,let say you mistakenly kill them then you should apologiesed and judge your own soldier so at least i can say you are civilesed.It is very suprisng the people's grand suns who suffer from holocost , find reason and convience themself about they can kill childeren .It is very sad and disappointed. So i belive Us should find the guilty groups from both sides and dont support any one. US should objectively evalute the problems.

  • History of Palestine

    First Moses came ''poof'' here is our land they expand and live happy. 3000 years later Romans invade, until the Palestinian invade the Romans they keep it for 3000 years too. Then after WW2 try to find a new home for the Jews ( Israel) they slowly invade take over the Palestinian and kill them. So who is the guest in the country the Jews or the Palestinian ? The answer is the Jews they were invited to stay there not to invade the place.

  • History has nothing to do with this fight anymore. At least getting it straight would not help if it was possible at all.

    Helping Israel is promoting a free Palestine; free of the terror and the jihadist craze afflicting that region. Palestine could develop and progress instead of continuing to be the lower cast of the muslim world, sacrificing their future in every way. There is no such a thing as an invasion there. The real invasion is everywhere else. The Islamic irrationality is infiltrating all vulnerable groups of every society, and will swallow all the achievements of the civilized world. The wrongs from ancient times cannot be made right today and why we should pay for the mistakes of the past? The future is what matters! What world do you want to have? In my world there is no room for religious rule. Religion is a poor excuse for violence and control.

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joning.78 says2014-09-09T10:08:39.810
Hahaha, everyone needs help not only both these country needs help. Thus, helps everyone, help each others. Help others. Yeah.