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  • Both suffered a lot, but Jews suffered more.

    I agree with you Minddagger. Interesting question you got there...

    I do believe that the Blacks suffered so much through slavery and racism, but I believe that Jews suffered much more, unlike any other race. Throughout history Jews have always been prosecuted.

    In early history, Jews were killed in the pagan Seleucid (ancient Greece) empire where they refused to worship Greek gods and sacrifice to them when forced. (150 BCE)

    Jews were also prosecuted in the Middle Ages because of their religion and false libels, like killing Jesus (who the Romans killed) and killing Christian babies for blood in their Matzo (Jews are forbidden to consume any blood and even have to remove it from their chicken and meat with salt (that's where kosher salt comes from)) and for poisoning the wells in the Bubonic Plague because they weren't effected (they weren't effected because they are required to wash their hands and face upon waking, wash their hands before eating, and bath once a week, if not daily). During the middle ages Jews faced blood libels, persecution, expulsions, forced conversions and massacres. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed during this time.

    During the crusades, the crusaders often massacred Jews in the cities they passed on their way to the Holy Land. On one occasion, they locked all the Jews of a city into their synagogue and burned them alive. That must have hurt...

    Jews were also persecuted in the Middle East, in early history where they were massacred, forced to convert and expelled and today where they are expelled from many countries. From 1948 to the early 1970s, 850,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries.

    As we all know, Jews were persecuted by the Nazis in the holocaust. While other minorities and disabled people were also targeted, the Jews were more specifically targeted and more of them were killed.
    Hitler wrote in many accounts about his hate for Jews, like in his book Mein Kampf, where he described Jews as not even being human. In the holocaust, Jews were sent to concentration camps were they were mass killed, they were used in horrifying medical experiments, forced to live in ghettos, and much more. About six million Jews were killed in the holocaust.

    After all this suffering, Jews still face some anti-semitism today. I think it may be related to the forming of the State of Israel, but who knows. Actually, often people mix up Jews and Zionists, thinking that they are one, when in reality, most Jews believe the State of Israel should never have been formed. Jews believe that God told them they cannot have a land of their own after the destruction of their temple, until the messiah comes and many also just feel it was wrong. I also saw large groups of Jews protesting against the State of Israel in the news on several occasions.

    That was a really interesting topic, Minddagger.
    Why do you feel and anti-semitism exists?

  • Blacks were victims of slavery, Jews were victims of genocide

    Don't get me wrong, what happens with black people is terrible, but it happens to so many other races so many times, meanwhile, Jews went though one of the worst massacres in the world, where are their movies and movements? Blacks get more comfort and they just suffered what other races went though

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