• Made for more mature audiences

    I watched the first seasons of both and played their games. Overtime there were new seasons and more games. Yugioh actually changed and tries new things. Are they all good? No zexel was trash and that GX yuki was annoying. But they tried and yusei from 5D was cool.
    Pokemon is stale. The games are very formulaic. Pokemon might have more sales but those are mindless consumers. How many times can you buy pokemon red and then play sun and moon before you get tired of that?
    Look at mario and link they are old but they reinvent themselves into new things. Ash ketchum never ages and never can win. I have dumped the franchise and never looked back
    Especially pokemon fans they are very annoying.

  • Yugioh is such a better game

    Yugi oh is a very popular game. It is even older than pokemon. Yugioh have world wide tournaments that people travel to. The monster are cooler. They are even stronger than the other pokemon. The weakest yugioh monster could take down the strongest pokemon. So in my opinion yugioh is better than pokemon

  • Just the facts.

    No, The numbers don't represent everything. But when there is such a wide margin between yugioh and pokemon sales, I think it stands for something. The best selling yugioh game is Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters IV: Strongest Duel Record (2. 5 million units sold). The best selling pokemon game is red and blue, With 32. 1 million units sold. Thats more then all the yu-gi-oh games combined. Not to mention pokemon GO's sales.

  • Pokemon the G. O. A. T

    Pokemon is way more appealing than Yugioh. Pokemon dominates in every field against Yugioh. Training Cards? Pokemon way better than Yugioh. Video Games? Pokemon is a 10x better rpg than Yugioh. The only argument I can't really stand for is the television programs because I never really watched them. Other than that there is my truthful opinion.

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