Who wants to punch Biden in his non-existent ding dong?

  • At this point. . . Most likely a yes.

    I would be more than happy to donate the same sum of money I spent on gas in the past 3 months (some thousand) just to see someone, Quite frankly anyone punch Sloppy Joe in his Viagra fueled groin.
    God, If you exist. Please make my dreams come true. Along with the couple thousand dollars (cash! ) I asked for last week. Give me this and I will know that you are real. And God, I need help with time management I spend too much time writing stupid questions for the world to see.

    Scratch that! I want to be recognized for my greatness as a questioner and a responder. Great statues will be built in my image. And the whole world will know that I, Have the irresistible temptation to walk into the White House and punch and quite possibly (if I'm in the mood) nuke his scrawny, Wrinkled, White ding dong.

    This nonsense ladies and gentleman, Is why I don't drink. Because if I do things will get a lot worse. ME2024!

  • That’s gotta hurt

    I think it’s sad how Biden has to sniff hair instead because of his non existent ding dong but I think that’s for the better. Apparently when kids are on his lap his hair comes up comes up again like corn pop. And he loves kids jumping on his lap.

  • Biden is not the President

    Biden is not the president. He won by democrats and big tech cheating the election. It is a fact. There is proof everywhere. It's just being suppressed by fake news. Democrat gestapo BLM and Antifa will burn down your house if you question it. And now that they got him in office, They are running the show, Not Biden. He's too stupid. He is only there to read what they tell him to read. His son Hunter uses his position to make money from China. Maybe a good punch would make him see the light, Or some stars in his head. . . LOL.

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