Who was at fault in WW2: The Axis (yes) or the Allies (no)?

  • Axis believed racial ideology.

    The axis powers felt they were racially superior and the fact that the jews were inferior to them. The whole world sae differently. They also didn't have any valid reason to attack one's country. The rest of the world seemed more advanced from time to time, While axis were completely backward in terms of thoughts.

  • It takes two to tango.

    Okay. A war cannot happen if one side does not retaliate or somehow fight back. Both sides are at fault(although I am leaning more towards the yes side) because if the Axis were claiming land as their own and taking power over what used to be(part of) a different country, then that's just imperialism. But, because the Allies fought back, that's what made this a war. People died on BOTH sides, BOTH had a great loss in population and economy(ect.) and BOTH are at fault because you can't fight a war with someone who isn't going to fight back at all.

  • Seeing that Germany Literally Started the War

    By attacking Poland without provocation or declaration of war, I can really see no other reasoning. I see how there would be controversy over whether Germany started World War One, but over World War Two? I am thinking, the people on the Con are either Nazi sympathisers or simply not aware of history.
    If the question is rather meant as 'whose ideology was wrong', then I can still only justify the Pro (Axis). The Axis powers (especially, but not only, Germany) had the goal to dominate the world and exterminate certain groups of people who were seen as 'inferior races' in order to establish an absolute dictatorship of one master race, subjugating all other races, while the Allies were merely defending themselves against regimes that attacked their countries and systems with the intention of invading them and doing the above stated.
    In either understanding of the question, to answer that the Axis was not at fault means that one does either not now history or is a Nazi supporter or sympathizer oneself.

  • Nazis wanted global domination

    Germany in WW2 invaded Poland, an act of international aggression. They carried on marching through countries until the allies could not simply stand idle any more. The allies were provoked into declaring war on the axis powers. It can be said that the woeful treaty of versatile was in part to blame along with the economic depression in Germany for the rise on fascism, but that is very much indirectly the fault of the WW1 allies at worst, hardly a direct fault. Hitler was at fault for WW2.

  • I'd say the fault lies with those who started a war unprovoked.

    To suggest the Axis weren't at fault is pretty mad. Hitler's grandiose visions for his Third Reich (world domination) are to blame, beginning with the invasion of Poland. People on the opposing side are pretty ignorant (or Nazi sympathisers) to think Hitler was somehow justified in his unprovoked world war. He was driven by a desire for conquest, eradication of the Jews and imposition of his mad Ayran / Atlantis religion. He was not a man of sound mind, and his Generals nearly instigated a coup when he suggested attacking France.

  • The spirit of Newman

    Anglia and Denmark were brutal. Both were Allied Powers who were bent on destroying Germany. England first, then Denmark. Both were imperialist warmongers who couldn't wait to loot all they could for their petty little empires. I believe they were worse. Hitler just wanted to rise his country to greatness again.

  • The Allied Forces were wrong

    Yes. I know. The Axis powers did start the war. However, they did that because of valid reasons. Now, everyone does thing for a reason, including axis and allies. But if you take a look at the population and the resources of the 3 countries in the axis powers, you will realise that they all that a very high population but not enough land and resources to sustain them. You may think about Hitler and his killing of Jews. But Jews have surpassed him for so many years, of course he would have had some pent up resentment towards them. Who wouldn't? The Jews were rich, powerful, intelligent. Hitler knew that he could be just as good as them but no one would give him a chance. Thus, he well, plotted to kill all Jews in the world, to put it simply. Everyone can err, that it human nature, everyone blames Hitler for the persecution of Jews. But he was a Christian and the Jews persecuted Jesus and he had to take revenge and all. So anyway, the thingy wasnt entirely his fault. The Axis had good reasons but what was the reason behind the allies actions of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Well, everyone knows it was to quickly end the war before too many lives were extinguished, especially the allies army. (Who cares about the axis) But did anyone realise as I said earlier that the axis had too large a population and in order to sustain it, they would either need to obtain more space and raw materials OR they could just kill lots of people. Obviously, no one will do that to someone of your own country. Thus they resorted to war. However, by dropping those two bombs the allies had killed millions of people and has permanently scarred lives of many japanese- people there were born with defects for many decades afterwards. This number alone, can account for the dead people in the war, if it had gone on for a while longer.

  • The allies killed more people than the Nazis did.

    There really is not much to say on this point, other than the straight-forward facts. The Soviet Union killed from 3.5 - 4 times the number of people that the Nazis did. I am aware that this does not answer the question, but this is simply a fact that many, many people seem to not know, and anyone else that learns something new is a victory.

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