Who was more evil -- the Nazis (yes) or the Black Legions of the KKK (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • The Ultimate Goals Matter

    From what I'm reading, the ultimate goals of the two groups are not equal. The Black Legion was an expression of hate and anger, providing an outlet for violence with little real guidance. The Nazis, on the other hand, had a very clear goal. The extermination, via genocide, of any race it deemed unfit to survive. I would argue that, while the violence of the Black Legion is certainly criminal, in the final analysis, it's not much different than any terrorist group that exists today. However, the goal of wiping out an entire race adds a seriously more sinister light on the whole debate.

  • The Nazi Party had more consequences and kill indiscriminately

    Hitler killed millions of people, destroy half Europe and dishonor Germany, The Klue Klux Klan kill some thousands of black and Jewish, but they were all impelled by the same ideology, and What makes you think that the Klue Klux Klan did not care about their people, they believed that they were protecting their race.

  • Nazis are a disaster

    Hitler was the bloody reason why this stupid unnecessary 2nd world war started. He started invading many countries and that caused the war. He was greedy and evil his stupidity caused the death of 17 million people approx. He slaughtered millions of Jews in gas chambers and gave a speech "the Jewish question" this speech made Germans hate Jews and kill many of them. The Germans were so evil and greedy for ruling the world and wanting to live not die that in the end of the first and second world war they surrendered not wanting to die when they were overwhelmed. The Nazis are stupid bastards, it is that simple.

  • They had no redeemable qualities whatsoever

    At least Hitler tried to revive his country and cared about his people and his allies to the south of him. The Black Legion on the other hand had no redeemable qualities. They lynched black people. They were active in Michigan and murdered Malcolm X's father. They were purely evil and cruel. Newman on "Seinfeld" probably was a member.

  • There is no point for them

    A person might like them kills people for no reason whatsoever.Why?What is the whole point .Hitler wanted to make his country better.Yeah,Hitler killed people but at least that was for his country untrue.These people are crazy and they have no reason to live like this.God made them like this but I don't see the reason for it at all.

  • A Nazi could be good.

    Yes, a the Nazi movement itself was evil. Was every Nazi soldier and political member evil? No. Obviously there were also some good KKK members, but there's a difference between murdering of your own accord and fighting and dying for your country. When an officer said, "Shoot this man!" The officer would be at fault, not the soldier.

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