Who was the better Joker: Jack Nicholson (Yes) or Heath Ledger (No)?

Asked by: PatriotPerson
  • It can be truly said that I have a bat in my belfry

    This is very hard to choose. Heath was a perfect Joker in one way and Jack was perfect in another. However, I'm choosing based on how well I can remember what they said in the roll. Jack was much better at pulling off the comedy where Heath relied more on the disturbing nature of the jokes, and not much on the delivery. For example Jack did the "I'm Melting! I'm Melting" bit, and that was just funny, and tried to kill everyone by throwing money then poison gas. The Heath Joker was more into this I've put you in this moral dilemma, and now you have to choose to blow up the someone before they blow up you, or pick who you save. There was very little in the way of jokes with Heath, but if you're into a Darker Joker the lack of jokes does make him a bit more sinister, but I've always found that the Serial Killer who can be in a way "normal", and completely crazy to be more disturbing than the person who's always disturbing.

  • Psychotic, Scary, And genuinely hilarious.

    Jack Nicholson's character was flawlessly performed. Heath Ledger was darker and more disturbing, But Jack absolutely steals the show. He's creepy, Unnerving, Psychotic, Unpredictable, And absolutely funny. With an army of quips and ridiculous gadgets, Jack's Joker is a thing to behold. Heath Ledger's performance, While admirable, Is much less compelling, As it only strives to be dark and gritty. Jack obviously had a great time filming, Where Heath seemed to try too hard.

  • Jack Nicholson is the better Joker.

    Jack Nicholson "Joker" in Batman(1989) portrayed more to the comic version. In that Batman, Joker had a history. His name was Jack Napier. He was a criminal before he became Joker. Jack receive a facial scar because of Batman and falls into a pool of acid. After that he became Joker. Jack Nicholson "Joker" had bleach white skin, bright red lips and purple suits. Jack Nicholson "Joker" is crazy and a lunatic. He use gags that were deadly. One of my favorite part of the movie is when Joker kills a crime boss with a pen and says "The pen is mightier, then the sword."

  • Jack was the joker

    Yes heath was bringing something new in . But he wasn't the joker . He was a man with scars . Jacm was everything you wanted with a joker . Funny and scary at the same time . Has great schnic. And batman has something against jack for killing his parents

  • Jack was the best

    Jack Nicholson portrays the perfect adaptation of the Joker from the comics. He goes through the Joker transformation in the chemicals factory emerging insane, makes jokes while committing the most horrible crime and has a great sense of humour in general, teases the Batman, uses classic Joker gadgets like the joybuzzer and the best of them all, the Joker toxin - I mean he's basically the Joker right out of the comics. Mark Hamill's popular Joker in the animated series was clearly inspired from Nicholson's portrayal.

  • Jack was the Joker.

    Jack Nicolson was/is the joker. Yes, he didn't need to act to be the joker, he just is the joker. He's funny and scary. Heath is just brooding and I didn't find him scary at all. Jack is actually crazy and it is apparent when you watch him act, Heath was just depressed. It would be like casting Zac Ephron as Magnum PI and arguing he was better than TOmSelleck. Tom Selleck and Magnum PI are one in the same. Same with Jack and the Joker (and I know the character predated him, but he IS the Joker). Frankly I thought Ledger was terrible and still don't understand the hype.

  • Jack's Joker was far better to me because his character had layers and complexity.

    Jack Nicholson's joker was far better to me because he was humorous, violent and scary all in one. Jack Nicholson's performance was superb. I am not familiar with the comic books but Jack' performance was scary, violent and humorous and kept the audience engaged. The reason mostly is because Nicholson is a great actor. I mean, he has the chops, the command of the audience and made joker funny and scary as hell, which I don't think Health pulled off as much. Heath's joker was one-dimensional. He was humorous but mostly scary, and not as complex as the Joker is supposed to be.

  • Jack is THEE joker

    Heath did a brilliant job but to me jack is everything the joker should be from the look to the humour to the backstory which I am fine with if he had mark hamills voice then it would be perfect but yeah as live action goes jack is the joker

  • Jack is the real Joker!

    After recently watching the most recent Batman movies, I am not impressed. I had big expectations for this movie and it just completely disappointed me. Christian Bale plays a great Batman, but Heath just didn't do it for me. WHY is the movie so serious???? (no movie reference intended) Why has the Joker been portrayed so seriously and just like any other psycho killer in a movie? Jack plays the best Joker, so funny yet so creepy, his outfit suits the character, the voice, the mannerisms, just everything about Jack's Joker beats Heath's. Heath was excellent but he was no Joker.

  • Why are we arguing?

    Why? Just why the hell is everybody arguing about this? I believe Heath Ledger played a very good interpretation of how a psychopath would behave, but, he did not make me laugh, yes Heath Ledger played a very dark version of Joker but he did not make me nor the majority laugh! I bet everyone who says Jack was not a better joke, have only watched very few scenes if any from Batman (1989), Jack was exceptional due to the fact it showed the transformation from Jack Napier who was a cold emotionless gangster to a giggling "I want to kill everyone by making them smile" psychopath, who could be quite happy then suddenly quite weird, Jack to me will be the best and those who say "Ohhhhhhh he is just playing himself" go do your research, he wasn't. And while you are at it watch Batman 1989

  • What's the deal with Jacks joker having the "comic book backstory"?

    In the comic books the Joker doesn't have a definitive backstory. While the "Jack Napier" story is popular, even the Joker himself says that he doesn't know if it's even true. "Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!" The way Jacks Joker is introduced picks out one of the possible backstories and shows the Jokers transformation, but in the comic books he just appears out of nowhere and kills some people. Also, for people saying that one or the other acts more like the Joker from the comic books, look up "Justice League #50".
    And finally, for the person that thinks Jack Nicholson's Joker had layers and complexity while Heath Ledger's was one-dimension, you're an idiot. "scary, violent, and humorous" is all part of the same layer, and keeping the audience captivated is not part of complexity, that is due to one, the actors charisma and skill, and two, your opinion of him. Heath Ledger's Joker is an "agent of chaos". He does what he does because he wants to bring down the construct of society, and empathy, and bring everybody down to "his level". He recognizes that evil isn't inherently bad, but that it is the complete disregard for moral good, or what society has told people is good. The fact that he doesn't have an inkling of who he is or was, shows that he does this, not because of something that happened to him, but because he sees the world as it truly is. That, is complexity my friend.

  • Heath's Joker was A Ledger-nd

    Heath Ledger portrayed the joker as a maniac in a very dark film and i know that Batman (1989) was a dark film but The dark Knight is a very dark film . I also think that it has to do with the story line and the time the films were made. Batman (1989) was made before Joel Schumacher murdered batman by casting George Clooney as Batman which i hate where as the dark knight was made in batman's revival

  • Heath Ledger was phenomenal.

    It is indeed true that Nicholson's portrayal was more comic book accurate. He stayed true the the origin... Sort of. If you look at Nicholson's roles, he always acts like himself. It's great for this role, as he was similar in mannerisms to the Joker he used. Ledger truly changed the Joker. He took him from being a little nutty to full blown insane. This is a different version of the character, one who I believe could never be matched. He drew from many sources, creating an ultimately more believable and simultaneously more scary villain. He did not play the cookie cutter joker straight from the comics. He played a better Joker that will not be forgotten.

  • Heath Ledger Joker

    No I’m Heath ledger for the best joker because he talked so calm. He looked and burned money and laughed at the guys face and walked off, he also made Harvey dent in to two face. He seemed more like a psycho then jack. Jack was funny but not crazy.P.S Rest in peace Heath Ledger.

  • Who seemed more psychotic?

    While Jack's Joker was comical and did show how he could be crazy, Heath's Joker was just full out insane. Ledger's Joker showed absolutely no remorse in anything and showed no fear at anytime and was able to inflict more fear than Jack's Joker and in all honesty Ledgers Joker was a lot smarter than Nicholson's Joker.

  • Heath ledger best

    Heath without doubt. His performance is wil always be rememberd as the best Joker in the history. Even though jack nickelson's performance discribes the ideal comic book super vilian, his role as the Joker can never beat the chaotic greatness of heath ledger's Joker. R.I.P Heath Ledger he Will be missed.

  • I'm sorry Jack, but Heath takes the cake.

    I'm definitely not hating on Nicholson. He's great. But, think about it, Heath's joker was a lot more gritty and realistic. I don't like the fact that joker was the one who killed Bruce's parents. Also, Nicholson's joker just doesn't seem realistic. He was definitely closer to the comics. I guess it all boils down to opinion, and which joker you like more. I ain't hating, though, Jack's performance was superb, but Heath's was better IMHO.

  • Heath is a better joker

    Heath fit the roll of the joker perfectly!! His role as the deranged sycopath was performed spectacularly. He was so convincing when he had the make up on.He looked more joker like than jack nicholson did. I think jack played a decent joker but Heath just fit the role better. R.I.P Heath

  • Ledger joker is far by the best joker ever

    Heath ledgers joker was extremely intense and intimidating. His acting was truly one of a kind . People remember this guy because of his prefomance , not by his death . I dont remember jack getting an award for the joker? !Hmmm... But to sum it up, heaths joker was far by the best ....But..... Why so serious ?

  • Heath Ledger joker is far better

    The only reason for who say Jack Nicholson is better then Heath Ledger is that the Jack Nicholson's joker is real joker because its Closer to comic book... But i think its big wrong idea ... Who played the role better?? Who is the real bad guy?? Who show u real demon essence??

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Gordontrek says2013-07-09T23:26:42.727
Cesar Romero trumps both of them.
PatriotPerson says2013-07-09T23:34:43.823
True dat.