Who was the better Penguin: Burgess Meredith (Yes) or Danny DeVito (No)?

Asked by: PatriotPerson
  • Burgess is best

    Burgess is the least campy Adam West batman show character. He is also close to the comic book character. De Vito is just a monster. However whoever plays penguin on GOTHAM is better than both these penguins. The penguin should not be fat, either. De Vito's penguin was terrible. Just awful.

  • Burgess is better than danny.

    Danny DeVito's penguin is not the penguin seen in any other reincarnation of the Penguin ,Devitos penguin is put simply a monstrouse freak in fact he does not even look act talk behave or simply seem to be the Penguin .Penguin in everyones world is a mob boss that likes umbrellas and penguin's that's all.

  • Burgess Meredith was definitely the better Penguin.

    Burgess Meredith was definitely the better Penguin.he brought a special quality to the role when he was on the screen.His comedic portrayal of the penguin was so good that you wanted to root for Batman even more.He had the acting chops to bring both comedy and drama into the role.

  • Burgess owns Danny.

    DeVito's performance as the Penguin was simply laughable and just bad. While Burgess actually WAS the penguin, and was not a vicious, animal, nose-biting freak like Danny's Penguin was. The Penguin that I know from the comics I've read is just a normal mob boss that has Penguin like things.

  • May not be the comic Penguin, but a damn good character none the less

    You have to understand my philosophy, i feel that what dictates a good remake or adaptation one can make changes if they work in the context of their film and universe they are creating. For the Burton universe, Devito perfectly captures a tragic outcast who wants revenge on the society that shunned him. Its one of the few times i genuinely felt sad when a villain died, he may be cruel and cold and evil, but society made him that way. He may not be comic book Penguin, but he works perfectly as Tim Burton's Penguin.

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