• Hitler was the reason for the WW2 and the leader of the Nazi Reich

    Hitler began World War Two with the Blitzkreig Invasion of Poland which killed thousands after that he defeated France captured most of the POW’s tortured and killed them in the Concentration Camps which would all lead to Hitler’s Holocoust. I’m his Hitler killed Millions,let’s not even talk about Aushwitz Concentration Camp.Hitler was the reason for 70+ million deaths in the largest war of all time not to mention he killed people with the SS which was a war crime. Sure Stalin slaughtered millions of his own men and POW’s but he never had Hitler’s rage of attacking other countries.Lets see who attacked Russia first Hutler or Stalin? Who controlled all of Western Europe?Who defeated the RAF with V2’s? Who drove France out of Europe? Who forced British civilians in a London(Britain’s territory) to hide underground?Who pushed far into Russia before the winter and could have taken out the capital? Who was the reason for the Holocoust the largest genocide of all time? Who started the largest war of all time? HITLER DID!!!

  • I believe that Stalin was far more evil.

    As it's not in the title, I'm gonna assume that Yes is Hitler, and No is Stalin.
    I believe that Stalin was far more evil than Hitler for a few reasons. First off, the kill count. Hitler's organization killed roughly 6-9 million people, mainly gays, minoritys, and Jews of course. Stalin is responsible for 30-some million deaths of his own countymen. MUCH more then the Nazis, even though they did the same exact same thing. Hitler started his political group, but was slowly losing control, especially near the end. For example, when several of his underlings were purposely lying and going behind his back, such as when he ordered a halt to STG-44 production, they continued anyways. For Hitler's extreme hate against Jews, there's actually several good reasons why he hated them so. First off, The doctor who diagnosed his mother with cancer was Jewish: Second, The art collage he wanted to go to to make an honest living, he was rejected by the Jewish headmaster "Because he wasn't talented enough": Third, he supposedly got Gonorrhea from a Jewish hooker: and forth, when he was exposed to mustard gas during the Great War, he claimed that he received a vision from God telling him to eliminate them all. Fun fact too! Supposedly he was missing a left nut from shrapnel from a grenade explosion I believe, and that he had at least one, if not more, mental problems, such as depression and mania. Although the Nazi's were pretty evil, they did invent several things we use today, such as modern medicine advances, jets, assault rifles,and a type of security camera t.V used in experiments in airless areas, for example. Joe stalin on the other hand, truly was a bad egg. He is a huge reason why the USSR was extreme communist when he took power. The previous leader, Vladimir Lennon, who introduced the concept to the Russians as a type of government, was actually making things better near the end of his rule before his untimely death by giving people more rights and loosening government power. But then Stalin took over and created an even more tyrannical government and helped start the Cold War.

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