Who Won The Debate? (09/26/16) Yes = Trump No = Clinton

Asked by: VenomxShocker
  • Why I think Trump Won

    Hillary may be better at presenting her arguements but Trump clearly beat her on everything else. She said nothing about what her actual plans are and spent most of her time insulting Trump instead of talking about what she would do for the country. She has no plans she came off as a complete air head whereas Trump actually stated some plans he has and showed how qualified he is in business and security areas


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  • Trump fell hard

    Trump did fairly well for about the first 30 min but then fell apart. Watching the debate I noticed that Trump had lied quite a bit and fact checkers were quick to catch him on that. Also Trump seemed more focused on attacking Hillary then stating any actual policy. Also Trumps tax plan just makes no sense.

  • Trump fell apart

    In the last two-thirds of the debate, Trump became flustered and lost the advantage by not pressing the fact that Clinton was a career politician. Trump mad strong points in the beginning but Clinton's calm demeanor cinched the win in the end. To put it in a way I enjoy: "She gave him just enough rope to hang himself with".

  • Why I think Hillary Clinton won

    Trump's overly aggressive attitude hindered any of his actual political policies from coming across. On the other hand, Clinton's calm and collected demeanor allowed her to present her policies effectively. Also, many flaws were brought out in Trump's plans. For example, his plan for reducing taxes on average by 15% only benefits the upper class (himself). The reduction of taxes would increase the national debt as well. While his plan would end up decreasing the number of jobs by 3,000,000, Clinton's plan actually benefit's the economy by adding millions of jobs. In addition, Trump's racist comments against women and minority have proven that he doesn't have the right temperament to be president. Clinton, on the other hand, has the much needed experience for this job and was actually prepared with solid responses and plans in this debate.

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