Who would make a better president, a Dog (Pro), or a partisan candidate (Con)?

Asked by: Beluga
  • Dogs are GOOD

    Dogs are much more intelligent than the average political figure. Unlike Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama, dogs are loyal to their country. They are also protective focusing on protecting from foreign threats instead of getting involved in unnecessary conflict. Dogs greatest skill is the ability to get rewarded for their work. Not only will they be successful but they will be able to reward the country and make America Great Again.

  • Dogs are better than Hillary or Trump

    I bet a dog could have a stronger foreign policy than Hillary Clinton. A stronger tax reform than Donald Chump. Look, i'm not a Dogigist here (Advocate for Canine rights) but a dog is more competent than the candidates that are present in the 2016 election, say whatever you like but I bet a dog would be the best president ever.

  • Donald Trump would make America great again

    Dogs aren't humans therefore they are black, blacks are slaves, do you really want a slave as the president of the United States? You are the least American person that I've ever met and should move back to Africa you stupid African. I hope that all dogs are burnt like the jews!

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