Who would win: Batman (yes) or Ezio Auditore (no)?

Asked by: Evilcat2
  • Batman always wins.

    Batman is the greatest ninja warrior on the planet. Nothing can defeat him, nothing is capable of defeating him. He has saved an entire city countless times. He's a ninja. He's a cool rich guy. He was trained by the guy who trained Darth Vader. He survived a nuke. Ezio is a little b**** who loses to an arrow.

  • Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batman!

    If Batman and Ezio squared off in a fight, Batman would win. Ezio is used to fighting in the shadows and using stealth to win. Batman fights head-on. A straight on fight would play into Batman's hands and Ezio would be at a major disadvantage. Batman would win and win easily.

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